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Ace Scaffolding offers affordable rates for scaffolding services in Haywards Heath. As for hire quotes and scaffolding tenders for renovations and new building work, we deliver a quick turnaround. Contact 01444 712 495 at any point of the day, and our specialist scaffolders will get back to you quickly to address your needs and the related estimates of the project. Before you hire scaffolding, let’s discuss some of the elements that influence the cost of scaffolding, the different kinds of scaffolding available, and average size estimates for scaffolding.

What is scaffolding?

A scaffold is a short-term platform erected around buildings for worker’s convenience; the arrangement uses horizontally erected steel poles, with wooden planks laid down as walking boards. It is in many ways similar to a Meccano giant set. Additional features such as handrails and ladders make sure workers can access the scaffold’s many levels. Scaffolding is a versatile structure; it is adaptable for use in hard-to-reach areas and narrow spaces, such as chimneys.

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Why do you need scaffolding?

According to the current health and safety legislation in the UK, it is now mandated that tradesmen use scaffolding platforms for access when working at height. This implies that ladders are only used for minor jobs, and scaffoldings are the legal requirements for major long-term projects. This means that the use of scaffolding is a must for activities like renovations, window replacements, chimney restoration, exterior wall paintings, and roofing projects.

Access structures make it easy for heights and inaccessible areas to be reached during construction work. They are essential for renovations, painting work, tile replacement, new building construction, and roofing jobs.  Scaffolding is the ideal solution when it comes to situations like this.  Hiring and assembling scaffolding ensures maximum safety at your site. Using scaffolding allows you to get access to elusive areas.

In addition, scaffolding allows your professionals to conduct work quickly and in a more efficient manner, which saves money and time.  Most construction workers use scaffolding because of the heavy liftings involved in construction sites such as steel beams. The materials on the scaffolding can be placed before work begins, thereby eliminating the need to start moving the materials around.

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How does scaffolding work?

Scaffolds are constructed using metal poles that are laid vertically and horizontally. Wooden planks placed across the poles form plank walkways commonly referred to as levels or lifts. If the project requires several lifts or levels, you can add more horizontal poles or walking boards, but this can extend the timeframe for scaffold erection and increase the price of equipment.

There are standard requirements for safety guardrails and access ladders. Scaffold experts erect the scaffolding. They have the equipment needed to resolve issues affecting the scaffold’s safe use. Modern scaffolding is adaptable for use in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas such as chimneys.

What are the common uses for scaffold?

Because of the current amendment to health and safety legislation in the UK, tradespeople now have to use scaffold platforms and access equipment for all kinds of work at height projects – prolonged use of ladders is now restricted.

For areas and spots where you can not easily reach or access on construction sites, scaffolding is now the standard. The construction process is safer when scaffolding is used because it prevents workers from falling while working at heights. The ease of use makes scaffolding the top health and safety option for working at heights.

Can anyone erect scaffolding?

Only qualified and skilled scaffolders are allowed to design, erect and dismantle scaffolds under the watch of health and safety experts. The Work at Height regulations of 2005 enforces this rule. Unqualified individuals invalidate your insurance when they erect your building’s scaffolding. Ensure that the company you are trying to hire has the required qualification, training and experience.

What is the cost of hiring scaffolding in Haywards Heath?

The price of scaffolding services is influenced by multiple factors. Our prices start from £XXX for small projects. Because we are dedicated to giving our clients the best, we offer low-cost scaffolding rates to our commercial and domestic clients alike, providing convenient and fast, no-obligation scaffolding service quotes on request.

How is the cost of scaffolding hire calculated?

Typically, scaffolding is usually hired for a fixed period (often four weeks), with an additional rental fee charged weekly following the fixed period. Long-term projects may attract extra fees if the project exceeds the set completion time.

What are the elements that influence the price of scaffolding hire?

The nature of scaffolding needed for each project leads to variations in the price charged but the general price of scaffolding is influenced by various factors. These factors may affect the price of scaffolding hire:

  • The dimensions of the scaffolding structure
  • If a  a scaffolding pavement license  is required and its cost
  • The number of scaffolding levels required
  • The number of walkways to created on the lifts/levels
  • The location of the project site
  • If customised designs or access equipment are required
  • If beams will be needed

The duration of time for which the scaffolding stays in place will increase the price of scaffolding hire. The rule of thumb is to erect scaffolding when your project is set to commence. It’s best to choose a scaffolding company that can deliver scaffolding quickly, and book your scaffolding in advance whenever possible. The idea is not to waste money paying for scaffolding that is not in use.

What information should you put down when requesting scaffolding hire?

We recommend that you fill out as much detail as possible when you inquire for a scaffolding quotation. You should include details such as the size of the project site, the type of project (e.g: renovations, new constructions, or extensions), and the location of the project site. Where necessary, site photographs can be attached. When adequate information is provided, we are able to supply a comprehensive price breakdown and a precise project quote. We are also willing to give free site visits to provide a more accurate quote.

What are the types of scaffolding and services available for hire?

  • Access scaffolds
  • Chimney stacks scaffolds
  • Conservatory scaffolds
  • Crash decks/birdcage platforms
  • Edge protection handrails
  • Exterior scaffolding
  • General scaffolding dismantling and erection
  • Independent scaffold
  • Interior scaffolding
  • Loading bays
  • Rubbish chutes
  • Staircases
  • Temporary scaffolds
  • Tower scaffold

Ace Scaffolding can provide you with the scaffolding services listed above for your industrial, residential and commercial projects. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with our specialists or to get the ideal access platform for your projects.

What kind of scaffolding do I need?

If you have no idea the exact type of scaffolding you need for your project, we have qualified and trained professionals that can provide you with a free consultation at any point in time so you can protect your tradespeople.  We will help you determine your scaffolding hire requirements; our team will offer expert advice on areas such as traditional, internal, and access scaffolding. Helping our clients overcome all obstacles standing in the way of their project is our joy at Ace Scaffolding. That’s why we actively partner with our clients to render innovative, problem-solving scaffolding solutions. All of our clients enjoy our vast range of solutions and we can deliver quality services no matter the size of the project. Regardless of how complex your requirements are, we can meet them. As leading scaffolding contractors in Haywards Heath, we always try to provide quality service to our clients, above and beyond expectations.

Will I need to get permits for scaffolding?

You will need permits to erect scaffolding in several areas in Haywards Heath. The scaffolding contractor has the responsibility of obtaining the relevant permit for the client. We recommend you re-evaluate your choice of contractor if they are unwilling to obtain a permit for you. The next topic of importance is price estimates for scaffolding projects. We are ready to provide scaffolding estimates at no cost, either online or in person. For most projects, metal scaffolding equipped with wooden boards remains the industry standard. Browse through our photo gallery and see our successful scaffolding projects. If you come across an example that matches your project’s requirements, we can discuss the cost implications. We will give you an estimate of the scaffolding cost for your project. Read through the questions below to understand scaffolding costs even better, but the ideal way to get a price quote is to reach us on 01444 712 495.

Frequently asked price related questions

Why Is Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath The Right Choice? 

Vast scaffolding experience

Ace Scaffolding’s experts have 10 years’ experience designing, installing, and disassembling scaffolding for numerous projects. We have an excellent track record on commercial, industrial, and residential scaffolding projects.

Safety first

The health and safety of our clients is our utmost concern. For this reason, our entire scaffolding process is carried out in compliance with health and safety guidelines that helps in building a safe work environment.

Quick response times

We deliver friendly and fast scaffolding hire services to our clients professionally, at very reasonable prices.

Competitive pricing

Whether you require scaffolding hire, purchase, installation or customised scaffolding services in Haywards Heath, we ensure that you get great value for your money with our affordable prices.

Excellent reputation

We have built a reputation for providing efficient, reliable and safety-first scaffolding services to our clients in Haywards Heath. Client testimonials prove our repute as a leading scaffolding contractor in Haywards Heath.


We are registered under the CITB and members of the SSIP. We are valued members of the NASC and are Scaffolding Association audited members. Contact us for a free quote day. As one of the premier scaffolding companies in Haywards Heath, Ace Scaffolding delivers top-quality equipment for hire and scaffolding services. We aim to provide affordable scaffolding services for your projects. Our team of scaffolders are well trained and qualified to provide industry-standard scaffolding services in Haywards Heath. We strive to maintain the affordability of our services without compromising the quality of work we deliver.  To get started, please call 01444 712 495 or send an email to us at

Can I get scaffold product information or technical information, when I request it?

Yes, all the scaffolds come with full technical information and product information. In addition, during delivery, our drivers adhere to a strict handover process and ensure you are familiar with all the relevant technical and safety information regarding the scaffolding hire. We install and dismantle scaffolds by ourselves in no time.


When should I expect delivery?  

Orders are dispatched within a day. Larger orders and unique orders are dispatched within 2-5 working days. We can match your emergency delivery needs, just send us an email and we will try our best to deliver. Our scaffolding storehouse in Haywards Heath is another delivery option; you can collect your goods at the depot.

Can I specify a delivery time or day?

Definitely! Just send an email to us or call us to discuss your project timeline. Your order will be handled as a special order and we contact you to confirm the date and time of delivery. Your order may attract an additional fee if you live in an area where the postcode is subject to service restrictions. In addition, if you are unavailable to receive and sign for your delivery, we will charge you again.

What is the cost of delivery?

The cost of delivery is determined by the weight, length, and size of your order.  Another factor that influences the cost of delivery is the postcode. We calculate the cheapest delivery option for you and provide a transparent scaffolding delivery price. Our strategic location in Haywards Heath makes us the ideal option for your scaffolding needs in the area. We offer advice and solutions regarding scaffolding whenever you need it. Get in Touch With us for Your Scaffolding Hire Quotes

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