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Decorating Access Scaffold Systems

Ace Scaffolding designs and installs quality scaffolding systems that provide safe height access for painters and decorators working on your project.   Areas that are difficult to access can be easily reached using these scaffolding solutions.  We provide expert scaffolding services for both commercial and residential projects. We also provide customised scaffolding services for those with special scaffolding needs.  Whether you require commercial scaffolding services for decoration or renovation of your offices, we are at your service Or you might be a domestic client undergoing a home renovation project who needs secure scaffolding to enable workers to gain safe access to heights. Depending on the project timeline and specifications, we will provide customised solutions and scaffolding services for each client. 

Our scaffolding team has worked on various projects including small and medium renovations, waterproofing, extensive renovations, new building projects and more.  Our years of valuable experience on extensive projects in the scaffolding business have put us among Haywards Heath’s top scaffolding contractors. We pay attention to every detail when working on any scaffolding project and bring professionalism to the scaffold design and installation. We supply system scaffolds, fittings, and tubes for different projects.  Plus, our prices are affordable. We don’t compromise on routine maintenance, and this has made us more trustworthy and boosted our reputation in the area.

We’re equally known for our innovative tailor-made scaffolding services for new building and renovation projects. With over a decade in the scaffolding business, we have delivered scaffolding solutions with innovative designs, and prompt installation and disassembling in line with relevant safety standards. At Ace Scaffolding, the customer is the centre of all we do, we aim to satisfy their every need and treat them like family.  Factories, hotels and large industries use our scaffolding to reach walls and high ceilings during building projects. Our scaffolds provide access for construction workers to quickly renovate your building with minimal effect on your daily activities.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction


Ace Scaffolding provides an extensive array of scaffolding services to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.


We have a reputation in Haywards Heath as the scaffolding company of choice for domestic projects. We give our clients reasonable prices for their domestic project’s scaffolding needs.  Our fairly-priced services provide good value for money spent, making us the ideal scaffolding provider for the domestic sector’s property developers, tradesmen, and homeowners.

Ace Scaffolding has been supplying high-quality access equipment to domestic clients in Haywards Heath and its environs for over three decades. Our professional team has completed numerous domestic scaffolding projects according to budget and on time. That has earned us a lot of domestic scaffolding experience.


Commercial scaffolding often requires more careful attention since they are typically complex. Ace Scaffolding’s experts can handle scaffolding for complex commercial projects.

Our past experience and acquired skills from numerous commercial projects has enabled to effectively pinpoint the scaffolding needs of any commercial client.

Some of our commercial clients are prestigious names in the Haywards Heath construction industry.  Our supervisors have IOSH training and experience completing projects on commercial properties.


Ace Scaffolding supplies and installs scaffolding across a wide range of industries. We offer scaffoldings to industrial clients in the greater Haywards Heath area.  We also provide industry clients with large quantities of modern TRAD deck and conventional scaffolding systems. Our team of professional scaffolders deliver affordable and effective scaffolding systems for construction projects in the industrial sector.  Our dynamic team has been working on several projects, with over XXX decades of collective experience.

Features of Scaffolding Components


Any tube or pipe that runs along the length of a scaffold is called a standard. It connects the mass of the scaffold to the ground. The standard’s base is linked to a base plate which spreads the weight of the standards.


A ledger is a horizontal tube that is connected to a standard. Ledgers run along the length of a building. Rows of ledgers are called lifts. Ledgers are O.D tubes with ends made of forged steel blades which are usually 48.3mm in length. The ends go into bottom cups of the standards, and they are locked into place by top cups. You can get ledgers in different lengths to suit the various dimensions of the grid needed for formwork or scaffolding. Ledgers are available in the following sizes: 0.60cm, 0.9m, 1.0m, 1.20m, 1.30m, 1.60m, 1.80m, and 2.50m.


Transoms are base plates or jacks that act as a scaffold’s load-carrying base. A transom is a horizontal load-bearing cross-section portion which holds the decking assembly, board or batten. Transoms are also called the weight-bearing segments of a working platform’s batten or board.



We have 10 years of experience in supplying scaffolding equipment to various industry sectors; therefore we possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to undertake any project. From petrochemical, nuclear market, and airport projects to power generation, marine, offshore, railway, and construction projects, Ace Scaffolding has delivered top-quality scaffolding structures for over 10 years. We might have started small, but we have grown tremendously over the years to become a limited company. Our workforce has grown from a small family unit to a large team of over XXX people. Thanks to the rich portfolio of projects we have handled, we have acquired an enviable reputation in the Haywards Heath scaffolding industry.

We have partnered with hospitals, multinationals, power plants, multinationals, military bases, schools, railways, local government offices, and office complexes. We’ll bring the experience garnered from these projects to use in your projects.

Quality Scaffolding

We are a scaffolding company that prides itself on excellent client service, offering efficient and fast service to various local authorities and contractors across Haywards Heath. Our clients enjoy exceptional service and high-quality scaffolding structures that are a source of pride to us. Our team members are always available to offer their help, putting smiles on the faces of our customers. We use modern equipment to complete our scaffolding projects, and we have wide-ranging scaffolding supplies to ensure the smooth running of your project.  Regardless of the size and scale of your projects, our service is always excellent.

At Ace Scaffolding, we have a commitment to deliver top-quality scaffolding services to our clients and we ensure that our staff are people who believe in this commitment. Our scaffolding team is skilled and certified, and we ensure the team complies with updated TG20 requirements. All projects we work on are completed within the set time frame under current health and safety standards.  Ace Scaffolding is a valid member of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC). We conform strictly to their standards and regular audits are carried out to certify this.

Affordable Prices

We offer affordable and competitive prices, ensuring that all clients are treated fairly. Our many years of experience has enhanced our ability to understand our client’s scaffolding needs and provide premium scaffolding systems to meet these needs. Ace Scaffolding gives you quality structures at competitive prices without hassle. We have delivered quality scaffolding services at affordable prices for more than 10 years in Haywards Heath. This has helped us build a reputation for fair pricing.  We are among Haywards Heath’s leading suppliers of fairly-priced scaffolding accessories and boards. We keep our prices down and ensure our scaffolding facilities can be afforded by everyone.


We can provide suitable solutions to a multitude of scaffolding issues.  We provide scaffolding for floor protection, roof edges, and areas with high fall risks for people and materials. Protection makes sure adverse weather does not affect your project’s operations.   You get your work done on time and within your budget.  Our protective services extend to every client making use of our scaffolds. Our clients can leverage our considerable scaffolding experience and expertise to save time and money on their project.

We provide short-term solutions for worksites that require protection such as floor edges. We keep our clients, workers, and the general public safe by educating ourselves on industry safety standards and ensuring that these standards are adhered to. We are committed to using safe practices, and we have made contributions to safety technology in the scaffolding industry.  Thanks to our safety technology, we can combat the risk at source level using the right measures.

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We have the correct access tower and scaffolding facilities for those requiring access solutions for their projects. To reduce downtime at factories and other companies, our team can work at night. Our strategically placed depots and offices allow our dynamic management and scaffolding teams to serve clients in various locations all over the country. We have completed scaffolding work on road and bridge construction projects in many areas in Haywards Heath with premium access scaffolding solutions for infrastructural projects.


We strive to meet the production and site requirements of factories and other establishments even if it means working at night.

Extra Mile

We always do more to please all our consumers and meet all aspects of the job, including providing our 24/7 customers services. We render emergency services to our clients and we deliver without delays or disappointments.  Our clients are always satisfied with our work and this is why they recommend us to other people in and around Haywards Heath. The bulk of our work now comes via word of mouth recommendations.


We exceed the set health and safety requirements because we aim to keep our team and your workers as safe as possible.  Ace Scaffolding is a leading scaffolding company in Haywards Heath with considerable project experience under our belts and we understand that safety at construction sites can not be over-emphasized.  Our team of scaffolders are well-trained, qualified, and work in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Safety Standards

We have set the standard for excellence in the industry, others follow as we lead. We are well known for our reliability and level of quality, including our reputation for safety. We have worked on multiple prestigious projects in the residential and commercial sector.  Every job we handle is carried out meticulously with a high focus on safety and efficiency. You can count on us to meet your scaffolding needs appropriately.

Safety and Health

We operate according to regulatory guidelines and approved operating protocols for all safety and health regulations. We are a safety-conscious company with standard safety procedures that others have copied. Our scaffolding team has the relevant certification and training to make sure our scaffolding work complies with HSE standards. We complete all projects safely because we have all the required equipment and supplies. We are avant-garde scaffolding contractors with CISRS accreditation. 

We have an impeccable reputation with an enviable safety record on all our scaffold systems.  Ace Scaffolding is a green company and we ensure that our operational procedures are eco-friendly.

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Work Height

We remain committed to the welfare and health of our customers, the workforce and the general public. We set in place all relevant protocols for safeguarding those working at heights. We have a stellar track record for delivering safe scaffolding, thanks to the help of our dedicated health and safety officers.  Our safety and health officers oversee sites and property development projects.

We can lay hands on everything you need for your project, and our expert team will ensure that everything about your project is done as per your requirements and up to a high standard. All our workers are professionals at what they do, including meeting our high standards. Contact us today if you need professional scaffolding services for residential and commercial sectors in Haywards Heath.

Public Liability

We have full insurance coverage for employee and public liability. We strive to deliver the best on every equipment and service.


Our pricing structure is reasonable and competitive because we keep our customers in mind at all times.  Speak to a member of our scaffolding team today to get started. We’ll discuss your needs with you and give you a quote without any obligation.

Hire rates

We will gladly discuss your needs with you and provide free advice on the best way to make your project a success while maximising time and resources.  We fully understand what you are trying to achieve, we will offer you a non-binding quote. We don’t force our clients to make purchase or hire decisions because we know that clients are not always clear on what they need.

Delivery Rates

We deliver fairly-priced scaffolding solutions in Haywards Heath, and we offer on-site visitation to provide a project quote. In addition to our excellent prices, all services rendered by our skilled personnel are covered by insurance. We have been scaffolding for many firms in and around Haywards Heath for over 10 years. No project is too complex for our scaffolding team to handle.  We offer custom scaffolding designs and installation services for several projects.


When you choose our scaffolding services, you are assured of speed, efficiency, affordable pricing, and quality service delivery. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we have worked on various projects from temporary roofing, churches, schools, re-roofing new buildings and refurbishment work to  painting, stacks, decoration work, and chimneys.

Contact our experienced scaffolding service team for your interior and exterior scaffolding service needs to discover how we can help you. Get in touch today for quality scaffolding in Haywards Heath. We bring our years of experience to bear in scaffolding projects regardless of the sector or industry.


What Are Scaffolds Used For?

A scaffold is a temporary structure erected to serve as a secure work and access platform for workers on construction sites.   The services offered by a scaffolding company include design, assembly, modification, and dismantling of the scaffolds.  If not properly handled, objects and workers can fall from the platform, resulting in damage or injuries.

What is the Minimum Weight That Scaffold Planking Should Be Designed to Support?

Scaffold planking should support its weight and 4 times the intended load to be applied during project execution.

What Are the Important Things to Take Note of When Modifying A Scaffold? 

Before making modifications to a scaffolding structure, take the performance criteria and current scaffold specifications into account.  Workmen should be protected from risks such as falling, electrocution, overloading, falling objects, and structural instability.

Must One Be Qualified to Erect A Scaffold?

Yes, only trained and certified personnel can erect a scaffolding structure.

Must One Be Trained to Use A Scaffold Tower?

Yes, training is mandatory for people who intend to use scaffold towers.  Accidents, injury, and damage can be prevented with proper training.

Who Takes Responsibility for The Safety of Scaffolding?

The scaffolding contractor is responsible for the safety of the equipment. The scaffold must be regularly inspected and maintained by the scaffolding company. The contractor and site workers using the scaffolding must observe all safety protocols.

At What Height is A Scaffold Needed?

For general industrial use, the scaffold can be used for projects from 4 feet and above. In the construction industry, scaffolding is used for heights above 6ft from ground level. If work is 10 feet above the ground, the scaffolding must include fall protection.

How High Can One Go on A Ladder Without Fall Protection?

According to the construction industry guidelines, fall protection must be used on all unprotected edges standing 6ft or more above the ground.

What Are the Four Categories of Fall Protection?

Fall protection can be classified into four groups. They are:

  • Administrative controls
  • Fall arrest
  • Fall elimination
  • Fall protection

At What Height is A Harness Needed?

According to building regulations, contractors must implement fall protection on all walking or working surfaces with unprotected edges that are at least 6ft above the ground.  Get in Touch With us for Your Scaffolding Hire Quotes.

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