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With quality service delivery, Ace Scaffolding provides industry-leading support scaffolding rental at competitive rates. Here at Ace Scaffolding, we are devoted to delivering quality services to our many new and existing customers in Haywards Heath, with particular attention on safe, secure, efficient and reliable scaffolding solutions. We have the scaffold equipment and skills to manage any work area with our special, supported scaffolding systems, be it for a short-term or long-term project.

No matter where you are located in the Haywards Heath area, you can rely on our excellent workers, made up of highly qualified and skilled bricklayers, scaffolders, plant managers, and experienced project supervisors. Our industry-leading access scaffolding solutions are backed by a wide range of support services. Contact us to find out more.

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Thinking of using a supported scaffolding platform?

Supported scaffolding is the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for a scaffolding platform of any kind. This type of scaffolding is assembled from the ground up, and secured against the building structure itself using metal tubes and couplings (quite common in the UK) or wood and bamboo – materials typically used in Asia. Secured on both the ground and the side of the house, supported scaffolding is usually the best way to achieve elevation. It is also quite flexible. However, it is important that this type of scaffolding is suitable for the project you are working on and must be erected and removed by skilled persons.

The people who will work on the scaffold should also be trained on how to use it and know the safety measures to limit risks of working at height. At Ace Scaffolding, our highly skilled workers have the skills and safety experience to conduct work at any level, in any industry. With our offices in the centre of Haywards Heath, we are available to work on any kind of construction or repair project. Our customisable services, quick response and attention to detail makes us at Ace Scaffolding your preferred firm for all scaffolding needs in Haywards Heath. For more details, call us on 01444 712 495.

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Why use supported scaffolding?

As with ladders, scaffolding platforms come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Each system is unique in its function and can also be adapted to a variety of work situations. The principal advantage of scaffolding platforms compared to ladders is that scaffolding are stable and allow safe work at height.

Ladders are slender and have only two stands, meaning that they can be unsafe when used to reach difficult areas or for supporting heavy equipment. Supported scaffolding on the other hand has a lot of components, including multiple stands, posts, columns, frames, and so on, that make it the perfect option for working at height, as these components will keep the platform stable and safe all the time.

However, other support systems are needed to provide additional support for the scaffolding. The scaffolding is also assembled the right way and in compliance with all the regulations put together for use of scaffolding at project sites.

Since supported scaffolding is often flexible in its design, it can work for most construction projects, ranging from minor repair works, to renovations and completely new build constructions. Concerning the set up and use, they are also not as complicated as tube scaffolding systems  Please contact one of our experts today using 01444 712 495 If you need supported scaffolding for your next project.

The importance of choosing right

Your workers may need the scaffolding for months, or at least until the end of the project, when doing construction or repairs.

Making the right choice is important when it comes to scaffolding systems and scaffolding contractor. You want to make your project site to be as safe and effective as possible. This means that any scaffolding you choose should be able to handle both the weather at your project site and wear and tear from foot traffic and usage. If you make the mistake of choosing a wrong scaffolding platform, you can lose a lot of money due to incidents and delays. Additionally, it is also important that you choose the best scaffolding contractor, whether you are purchasing or renting. A lot of project managers will prefer to go with a scaffolding company that has the requisite experience for the project at hand. But a scaffolding contractor is in business to do more than just set up scaffolds for you.

There are a range of facilities that a scaffolding company can deliver that will be an important part of the success of your project. For example, they provide skilled workers who will manage your scaffolding equipment, making sure that everything is alright throughout the project. Shoddy work can cause injuries in the future, and with scaffolding being one of the most hazardous sections of the construction site, it is important that the company manages it carefully. If you are looking for a reliable scaffolding contractor and hire service in Haywards Heath, you are on the right page. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a free, non-binding quote if you want the supported scaffolding or any other type of scaffolding platform. You can contact us on 01444 712 495 to get started.

Look no further for a quality scaffold tower

Where do you get what best suits your requirements, now that you know that a good supported scaffolding system is required?

Here at Ace Scaffolding, our work at height experts will work closely with you to align your unique specifications with one of our quality supported scaffolding platforms. Our supported scaffolding solutions come with everything you need, and there are no extra charges in the future. You should hire from us because we offer fast delivery along with a free guarantee throughout the life of the project.

Our scaffolding platforms are made from steel, aluminium or both, however, people tend to go for aluminium because of its versatility. Aluminium scaffold platforms are very easy to set up, move around and dismantle. Without any concern of rust or corrosion, they can be stored or used outdoors. There are many types of supported scaffolds, including customisable options and ready-to-use systems that can be set up quickly. These types of scaffolds are perfect for short-term projects and for any construction that do not support suspended scaffolding. That said, there is a limit on how high a supported scaffolding will go, so it’s best to do your measurements carefully.

This is also part of our job, so we can assist with measurements and calculations. We can help you with design measurements as well as help you determine the right type of scaffolding for your project type. As you can see, Ace Scaffolding is the one-stop shop for your project scaffolding needs in the Haywards Heath area. Get in touch with us at any time to talk about your project requirements with any one of our experts. For your next project, call 01444 712 495 today to talk to one of our experts.

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We are your choice partner in Haywards Heath

Here at Ace Scaffolding, we can work with you from the start to the end of your project – no problems. We offer essential technical support and can also accompany you to meetings with consultants or carry out checks before commencement of the project. We will ensure that the scaffolding that you have selected is designed in accordance with the appropriate designs and in complete compliance with the industry’s accepted standards.

We will send our experts to the site to advise on safe operating procedures and to aid with risk assessment and management of the project at hand. With over 10 years of experience in scaffolding, Ace Scaffolding provides one of Haywards Heath ‘s leading specialist scaffolding services; quick and effective assembly and dismantling with full site support and a really high safety record. Every aspect of our services is geared towards complete customer satisfaction. Our workers are CITB trained and employed in-house, so you can be sure that everything concerning your project will be handled with professional dedication, guarantying only satisfactory results.

To make our services easily accessible, our offices are strategically located in the centre of Haywards Heath, allowing us to provide quick response services to all call outs anywhere in the city. We provide a wide range of scaffolding solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial customers for small- and large-scale projects. Here at Ace Scaffolding, we don’t play with the safety and security of our project sites. We are focused on providing all the resources and tools needed to provide a safe working environment for our scaffolding projects and to avoid accidents.

There are many current regulations that apply to our industry, and as an organisation, we make sure to always stay on top of compliance with these rules and regulations at all times. We have been part of some of the major projects in the area and have engaged in a number of projects for industrial clients ranging from banking, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and education. In all this, we have been able to prove ourselves and have grown a portfolio of satisfied customers in the Haywards Heath area. To see some of the work we have been engaged in, please visit our portfolios page. Call us on 01444 712 495, discuss with one of our experts about your project plans and the advice that you need.

Competitive scaffolding prices in Haywards Heath

Price is one of the considerations you will have to think about when you want to hire or buy scaffolding for your project.

Chances are you will already have a budget made up, but your budget may not account for things like inspections and trainings. However, for a successful project, don’t pick just anybody, look for a reputable contractor. Prices vary widely from business to business and are influenced by a number of factors. The kind of scaffolding you will need will determine how expensive it costs to procure, plus, you may also need to pay for regular inspections and maintenance.

Regardless, it is in your best interest to hire a reliable and reputable scaffolding company. Doing so means that you will have a lot of options to choose from, and that you can count on having a safe and study platform to work on. If you are looking for such a company, Ace Scaffolding offers some of the most competitive prices for scaffolding in the industry.

We understand that everyone has a budget for their project, and we always try to work within this budget to help our clients meet their project goals. Of course, there are times when your budget just may not work. In situations like this, we will sit down with you to create a bespoke proposal that will fit with your project and budget. That said, the fastest way is to first find out what your project will cost. Why not start by asking today for a free, no obligation quote.  Why not start by asking today for a free, no obligation quote.

We offer the complete supported scaffolding service

We offer a design package through our design experts and chance to consult our senior team and managers on pricing schedules and scope of work. We do a lot more than just erecting and removing scaffolding; we customise our range of services to fulfil the needs of every project. We are the favorite scaffolding supplier for most domestic and commercial customers at Haywards Heath, and the first place to visit when they need scaffolding equipment, for projects of any lengths. We also make sure to maintain great relationships with our customers all the time.

We will be pleased to join you on your project even right from the planning stage, and we can provide everything you need to guarantee a successful project. We will look at what can go wrong, and put safety measures in place to ensure that expensive changes and delays are avoided. And furthermore, from the very beginning, we will ensure that you know what to expect, and there will not be any additional complications at all.

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At Ace Scaffolding, we have the skills, experience and resources to give our customers value for their money, at every stage of the project, delivering on time and on budget. As seen by the high degree of repeat business we receive from satisfied clients, we have a real, straightforward approach that helps us maintain a strong working relationship with our clients. We are proud to be part of the NASC and all our team members are committed to achieving success through teamwork, collaboration and sharing resources. Ready to get started with the best scaffolding company in Haywards Heath? Call us on 01444 712 495 today for a free site visit.


Why must I use a scaffold for my project?

Standing on a scaffolding is better and safer than working from a ladder. Scaffolds are stable, and provide a solid platform for workers to work from. You will find that you work faster when you don’t need to move a ladder all the time.

Do I need a scaffolding permit?

A scaffolding permit may be required if the scaffolding equipment will be erected on or over a public space. The footpaths and motorways are covered here. In such a case, you may have to agree to work when the space is less busy or closed for the day. As a professional scaffolding company, we can help you arrange the application process for this permit, but you would need to ensure that it is in place before work starts.

Can scaffolding be used on uneven ground?

Uneven ground does not cause scaffolding problems in most cases. Using precise measurements, the equipment should be erected in such a way to ensure that the scaffolding system and the surfaces on which people stand or position their equipment are perfectly stable.

Can scaffolding be moved?

Scaffolding equipment should not be moved from one position to another. However, if you need a scaffolding platform that can be carried about, mobile scaffolding systems are the suitable choice. This type of scaffolding has wheels that make them easy to move when needed.

To erect scaffolding myself, what should I know?

To ensure that their scaffolding is safe and secure, we encourage our customers to hire scaffolding professionals. It can be very risky to work at high elevations, and only qualified professionals have the experience and expertise to work safely there.

How long can I have the scaffolding for?

You can have the scaffolding for the entire duration of your project. We will discuss with you how long you expect the project to take before we begin, so that we can provide you with a consistent scaffold hire rate.

How quickly can the scaffold go up and come down?

From your initial contact, we will do our utmost to work on your project timeline with respect to the installation of your work. We are customer-friendly, so you can expect the best from us even if yours is a short project and has to be finished quickly.

We enjoy the opportunity to show our customers what we can do. That said, when it comes to removing scaffolding at the end of the project, the speed of removal may depend on where the project site it, but we will do our best to remove it quickly and at a time that is convenient for you.

Will scaffolding damage my property or garden?

We are always careful when working for customers and take pains to ensure that their property or garden is left unharmed. Of course, accidents do happen, but when it does, we will fix any damage, so that you property retains its original look and feel.

Do employees working on supported scaffolds require training?

To understand the risks associated with the type of scaffold being used and how to minimize those risks, all workers must be trained by a professional individual.

How safe is scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a solution to many problems associated with safe access, providing a safe way of access to places that are hard to reach. Most other types of scaffolding are preferred, particularly if work takes a very long time or demands many staff , equipment, tools and materials.

How much does scaffolding cost?

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