Temporary Roofs in Haywards Heath

If you are searching for professional scaffold specialists for your temporary roof construction in Haywards Heath, then look no further, you are in the right spot.  There is no temporary roofing project that is beyond our expertise as a professional roofing contractor. We have an exceptional track record in delivering temporary roofing and safety netting for long- and short-term projects.  Incorporating temporary roof installations at your project site reduces working at heights risks.

We have extensive experience providing scaffolding solutions including large temporary roofs for towering structures and smaller scaffold towers. Our scaffolders are experts in providing scaffold design, support scaffolds, and temporary roofs for projects with elevated access needs. We place a high value on the quality of our temporary roof work and the premium services we offer to our clients. Safety is our watchword in both short-term and major long-term construction work.


We have more than 10 years of industry experience providing quality scaffolding solutions in Haywards Heath. We are always excited to provide clients with scaffolds that will improve project efficiency. We can work in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Our reputation in specific areas like temporary roofs for historic buildings is a testament to the massive amount of experience we have gained.

Our temporary roofing structures are built with professionalism and skill. We get a lot of repeat business, more so, as we ensure to make every roof safe and waterproof. Put a phone call across to us today on 01444 712 495, to get a free quote and speak to one of our experts about setting up a temporary roof on your structure.

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Commercial construction projects demand a more systematic approach when it comes to scaffolding. Thankfully, we are experts in industry-standard commercial scaffolding. Ace Scaffolding’s expert scaffolders are specialists in the design and construction of scaffolding for different commercial projects in Haywards Heath.

Servicing Haywards Heath

Our scaffolders are specialists in delivering premium access solutions for wide-ranging commercial projects.  We have formed lasting relationships with several reputable clients in Haywards Heath.


Industrial scaffold is another area we excel in; we have what it takes to handle industrial projects effectively. We undertake work in difficult areas such as sterile factories and large warehouses. In addition to all these, we are committed to ensuring health and safety for your workers and the public. If you need superior scaffolding expertise for your industrial project in Haywards Heath, we have the skills and resources to meet your needs.

Component Features

Strong beams for large spans

The beam design is completed such that it provides very strong structures with big spans. For long term projects, the beams have a long-life span to serve you effectively.

Robust Sheeting

We make sure the roofs are weatherproof by cutting strengthened LD polythene to various sizes and attaching it to fixed guardrail frames to avoid leaks. Our temporary roofing is a great substitute for conventional sheeting as our roofing is durable and easy to install with aluminium tracks and feeder beading. The said fitting is produced in fixed lengths. Nevertheless, you can add extra pockets to increase the fitting’s flexibility.  The length of the lattice beams has tracks that are tailor-made for it and attached with spring prints and track clamp saddles.

Safe for displacement

The manufactured components, much like other Ace Scaffolding access solutions and temporary roofing, are sturdy and difficult to dislodge; making them safe and reliable. These can be useful in other scaffolding platforms instead of being discarded after use.



We have been able to meet our clients’ requirements, thanks to 10 years of experience in providing and installing scaffolding services. When you choose Ace Scaffolding, we guarantee you complete satisfaction  Our scaffolds can be used to build and renovate high structures.

We have played major roles in providing scaffolding for small, medium and maintenance work, temporary roofing, weatherproofing and new buildings.

Roles like these have increased our knowledge and levels of expertise in providing scaffolding for both domestic and commercial clients in the greater Haywards Heath area. We are knowledgeable in any area that you need access solutions for. To speak with our experts about your project and get a free quotation for any of our services, reach us on 01444 712 495. You can be confident you will be getting the best access solution for your project with our abundance of skills and experience.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Quality Scaffolding

If you are searching for quality scaffolding services in Haywards Heath, you have come to the right place. Ace Scaffolding has supplied temporary roofing and professional scaffolding for several projects in Haywards Heath.  Our workforce is highly trained and capable of delivering high-quality scaffolding services at budget-friendly prices and under the safest conditions.

We use a team of dedicated scaffolders on all our projects.  We aim to provide high-quality scaffolding solutions in Haywards Heath at the most competitive prices. If you need premium temporary roofing design, supply, or installation, contact our experts today.

Competitive prices

Our scaffolding services range from provision of safety equipment to temporary roofing, access and scaffolding system, and consultancy services, all at the right prices. We are conscious of your safety and price. Our people are always available and capable of meeting all your scaffolding needs.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice


We offer quality access solutions, hoist, scaffolds, as well as temporary roofing to clients in Haywards Heath. We have an excellent track record of delivering premium and safe scaffolding and exceptional customer service. We supply reasonably-priced, quality scaffolding solutions using a team of seasoned scaffolders who make sure the scaffold systems are safe and efficient.

We strongly believe that our main focus as a good business should be reliability, diligence, efficiency, premium workmanship, and competitive pricing. To a growing number of social housing agencies and local partners who have entrusted us with the delivery of value and quality service, we retain our position as the trusted social housing scaffolding partner.

Our Company, Ace Scaffolding has improved the quality and safety standards of the scaffolding industry to higher levels. We achieved that by paying attention to risk management and control of quality in all the aspects of our organisation.  We have been able to deliver premium services to top companies; this has helped us enter the commercial scaffolding business’ upper stratum. With Ace Scaffolding, you can always expect innovative scaffolding solutions.  We place a high value on our huge client base including major contractors and local authorities.

We have supplied exceptional scaffolding systems for 10 years, building a solid reputation among our clients. Ace Scaffolding’s scaffolders are Edge Protection Scaffolding specialists. We deliver the ideal safety solutions, offering protection around or on certain areas of the roof. Ensuring optimum protection in the work environment means work can continue regardless of bad weather. It helps to speed up delivery time and save costs. Our edge protection comes in various forms.

We provide protection for roof edges to prevent people or equipment from falling from heights, as well as solutions related to floor protection. Also, we provide temporary solutions for building sites and different areas that require protection. We have a good number of systems for fall protection and prevention that can be used by people working at heights.  Some of the products are safety netting, staircase access solutions and Guard Rail Systems.


We can provide all sorts of scaffolding, such as cantilever drops, splay scaffolding pavements, trusses, hangers, ramps and any other equipment for access to high areas. We aim to improve the ease of access to hard-to-reach areas on a construction project by providing quality access scaffolding.  We are capable of handling any tasks no matter the size as we are one of the largest access solution providers for work at height in Haywards Heath We customise our multi-product delivery to the demands of your project. Our temporary roofing system affords you flexibility and safety that you need either in your construction site as a professional or when completing house renovations.

Easy to assemble

In addition to temporary roofs and safety nets for factories, town centres, retail shopping centres, bus depots and car parks, we provide additional solutions in full compliance with all health and safety regulations. We at Ace Scaffolding are very conscious of safety at work sites, and ensure the proper use of all equipment, from the safe installation of the scaffolding to regular inspections. We ensure that all our scaffolds and temporary roofs are placed in the right place and at the right height to prevent any damage to the buildings and to make the working on the building easy.

Lattice beams with superior strength

We supply beams for various applications, such as roofing, reinforcing and bridging, and cantilever work platforms in Haywards Heath. We ensure that our lattice beams are ideal for connecting regular scaffolding couplers so we built the lattice beams with top and bottom chords and 48.3 mm external diameter vertical filler bars. We have aluminium and steel lattice beams measuring between 2-8, and rising 450mm-750mm in height. The steel beams are effective in supporting heavy loads and bridging wide spans. The aluminium lattice beam, which is preferable for ease of handling, is an alternative for lower weight and capacity.

Mobile or static Platforms

We can also provide rolling towers and static builds for hire.  Renting scaffolding of high quality means you can access high places in your construction work. The scaffolding is made from lightweight materials (aluminium), making them easy to move around.  A mobile tower has four wheels at its base, this means the platform can be moved without using machinery. Here at Ace Scaffolding, we can deliver quality scaffolding rentals for all businesses.

Companies that need regular or periodic maintenance of their scaffolding are provided with long-term rental contracts. We do everything from planning and assembly of the scaffolding to periodical inspections and maintenance needed to keep everything in perfect shape. We also specialize in the supply of both mobile and static steel and aluminium scaffolding, for sale or hire.

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All our work on site is in full compliance with all safety regulations. Our temporary scaffolding structures will ensure you and your employees are protected when working on a high-rise building, whether you are doing maintenance, repair, cleaning or construction work on the platforms.

Safety standards

Our approved health and safety strategy involves a risk assessment and a standard operating procedure. Our scaffolders stay updated on the latest health and safety guidelines in the scaffolding industry. We keep upgrading ourselves to catch up with innovative trends in the industry.  We perform periodic on-site inspections to maintain the integrity of the scaffolding and keep all stakeholders safe from harm.   With our team of qualified and experienced scaffolders, the goal of Ace Scaffolding is to deliver top quality scaffolding and temporary roofs most safely. Our team comprises CITD trained professionals who deliver their duties within budget and at reasonable prices without compromising on safety standards.

Health and Safety

We value our highly skilled and qualified workforce. They have completed extensive industry-standard training including SpanSet’s safety courses. Besides, they have undergone first aid and access training from NUCO safety and NASC respectively. This has equipped them to carry out any form of scaffolding task.    We ensure our workers apply their extensive experience in designing every phase of the project and adhere completely to the standards of health and safety for all scaffolding works.

We make sure we comply with scaffolding operational procedures and legislation, including health and safety considerations. We provide on-site construction of temporary roofs and scaffolding structures to improve safety standards and offer value to clients. Our methods are in line with CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) requirements. Contact us on 01444 712 495 if you require scaffolding services.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Work Height

Our workers work under Work at Height Regulations NASC SG4, and the recent TG20 Guidance Notes to be able to satisfy the needs of the client.  We have a record of successes in delivering quality practices because our health and safety officers consistently carry out on-site checks and follow safe scaffolding protocols.  Due to our attention to detail and complete understanding of the Health and Safety regulations, we have been able to achieve an accident-free record, giving you the confidence you need in the safety of all scaffolding erected by our workforce on your site.

To ensure that we completely comply with the highest possible standards of health and safety for all of our workers, we make sure only professionals handle any project. We make sure that we adhere to all the legislative policies and operational procedures that include health and safety regulations. Our in-house design and engineering are guaranteed to improve safety and health standards and to give customers value for their money. We work totally in compliance with the standards set by the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS). We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your scaffolding needs here in Haywards Heath.

Work Height

Our experts all work in compliance with the NASC SG4 155 Working at Height Regulations and the latest TG20 13 Guidance Notes to meet our clients’ demands in Haywards Heath. Our workers are qualified to carry out on-site inspections and that has given us a reputation for complying with all safety requirements. Our attention to detail and in-depth understanding of health and safety regulations has seen us retain our accident-free record; meaning you can trust that all scaffolding erected on your project site by our scaffolders is safe for use.

Public liability

Our scaffolding workers have received technical qualifications, are trained and accredited by CISRS, and are fully protected by employee and public liability to the tune of £XXXm. Our scaffolders have CISRS and NVQ qualifications, and public liability insurance worth £XXX million further cements our position as premier scaffolding contractors.


When working with a tight budget, you can go for a scaffolding hire option rather than purchasing one. As scaffolding is often not needed on a construction site, renting may be the most viable alternative. Our popularity in the scaffolding industry soars throughout the UK. We can supply your temporary scaffolding platforms at a low cost. To give you accurate details on what you are going to recruit or purchase, all items on our website are marked with technical requirements.

Hire rates

Our prices are relatively affordable all the time. Our prices are still reasonably competitive in the local market. Our services are always reasonably priced. Our pricing structure remains cost-effective. Our prices are affordable. Every job is important to us, no matter the size. We care about every project, no matter what the size No matter the size, every project is a big deal to us. Every job is a priority, irrespective of the size.  We place a high value on each job, big or small.

This is why we ensure the pricing is cost-effective. Our rates depend on the nature of your project as well as the number of equipment we will supply. Call 01444 712 495 or send an email to info@acescaffolding-haywardsheath.co.uk to order scaffolding supplies or get more information on the wholesale price for scaffolding products.

Delivery rates

Ace Scaffolding is well known for offering reliable and inexpensive scaffolding service in Haywards Heath. Being the number one provider of secure scaffolding with excellent customer service in Haywards Heath is our major goal. We want to be your one-stop scaffolding service provider in Haywards Heath.

Contact us

For a comprehensive discussion on your particular scaffolding needs, call 01444 712 495. You can review some of our past designs by visiting our website. We are one of the leading specialists in the scaffolding field and you will be happy to partner with us at Ace Scaffolding. Contact our scaffolding experts for more information on our scaffolding services.


What is a temporary roof?

Temporary roofs act as security from dust, wind and environmental contaminants for building projects. Part of our services at Ace Scaffolding include the construction of temporary roofs as detached structures or as an extension of an existing scaffold.

When can temporary roofs be removed?

Inform us after the end of your project to dismantle the scaffolding. This will allow you to enjoy your new space immediately after its completion.

How long will temporary roofing take to be erected?

The temporary roof’s size generally decides the amount of time it takes to erect it on the project site. Furthermore, the location, the materials to be used and other factors contribute to the length of the installation. After a quick site survey or after getting relevant details from you, we can give you an estimate of the time it will take to set up.

How is the cost of scaffolding calculated?

Multiply the total number of scaffolding needed according to quoted regular daily rental costs. This gives you the total day to day costs.  Multiply the number of days to use the scaffolding by the daily rate; you will get the total cost of the job.

Is a permit required for temporary scaffolding erection?

Generally, temporary scaffolding erection requires no permit. However, if a project extends to a public road or path, a permit is required to erect scaffolding on public right of ways, such as footpaths or pavements. We can obtain permits on your behalf if your project requires one. Due to our good relationship with local and city councils, helping you to obtain permits will save you time and cost.

Is scaffolding required for roof work?

Yes, you need scaffolding for rooftop projects.  Not only does scaffolding protect workers at heights but it also keeps those on the ground safe from danger. Scaffolding is an excellent way of reducing the risks of workmen and materials falling from the roof.

What is the cost of scaffolding rental?

Typical cost: This depends greatly on the design, position of the site and the type of the scaffolding. Renting ranges from XXX to XXX a day or XXX to XXX a week. For each frame section, guard rail and wheel, rates can be per complete kit or per piece with separate charges. Charges could be daily, weekly, or monthly.

Are roofers required to use harnesses?

Harnesses are essential for the safety of roofers. According to the safety legislature, harnesses are required for workers working six feet and above.

Is it proper for roofers to work at night?

Working at night is not exactly appropriate for roofers. Roofing at night is common among builders who wish to avoid the disturbances generated by asphalt during the day. However, building owners and roofing contractors are not exempted from this law. We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed  01444 712 495.

We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

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