Working Platforms in Haywards Heath

Ace Scaffolding is based in Haywards Heath and was established in 10 years. Ace Scaffolding has grown to rank among Haywards Heath’s leading scaffolding contractors since its establishment. The reason is simple; we deliver impeccable results on any size of scaffolding project — no project is too small or big. We provide domestic property owners, businesses and organisations with a safe working platform, scaffolding equipment, access to scaffolding tools and services and other scaffolding equipment.

Your scaffolding projects are safe with Ace Scaffolding, as we have capable hands that will give you reliable and premium services. Ace Scaffolding’s scaffolding team are experts with the required skill and experience to deliver high quality scaffolding towers and scaffolding platforms.  Our scaffolding experts are experienced in designing, building, and dismantling scaffolding platforms while ensuring all health and safety regulations are adhered to. At Ace Scaffolding, we make use of modern equipment and technology to reduce the amount of risk associated with working at heights. We use the best practice in the industry such as guide rails, harnesses, scaffold towers, toe boards, suspended scaffold, disposal chutes and other innovative scaffolding  equipment to make every scaffolding working platform secure, this is our goal.

Do you need a scaffolding company in Haywards Heath? Your search is over because Ace Scaffolding can provide you with reliable scaffolding platforms for accessing hard to reach areas. Our scaffolding delivery system is effective, transparent, and safe; our scaffolds allow workers access to all areas of your construction or renovation site, serving as a sturdy platform for them to safely move equipment back and forth. Give our expert scaffolders a call today to get started.

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We offer a wide range of scaffolding services to our clients, covering the residential, industrial, and commercial sectors within Haywards Heath.


At Haywards Heath, we are part of the leading scaffolding companies in the scaffolding industry. Our team of expert technicians apply their years of experience in producing designs and solutions that are well-tailored to meet the needs of the clients.  We have installed several scaffolding systems on industrial worksites in Haywards Heath. Our services are prompt and affordable. We consistently work towards improving the quality of the work platform scaffolding system we provide for industrial projects.

We are committed to providing sustainable and secure scaffolding services for your project because we esteem our customers and their safety.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction


Our services are prompt and our staff reliable.  The quality of our service is evident in the number of clients that keep coming back to us; we value our customers and build lasting relationships with them. Do you need scaffolding services for a commercial project within Haywards Heath? Look no further. Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath can provide you with an extensive range of scaffolding services.


Ace Scaffolding offers excellent scaffolding services for domestic construction/renovation projects in Haywards Heath. We are experts in designing and executing premium scaffolding solutions to domestic property owners. We supply, erect, dismantle customised access scaffolding equipment for your domestic projects in Haywards Heath. Our staff team consist of highly trained and certified scaffolders who have substantial experience in all sectors and aspects of scaffolding. We are a registered CGS company so that all our platforms for scaffolding comply with all applicable safety regulations.


Caster or wheels

Firmly attached to our scaffolds are casters that come with brakes, allowing them to be easily maintained.

Hoisting materials

For constructions higher than 6-meters, our scaffolds are erected with appropriate hoisting devices.


The bracing components we provide will keep the scaffold frame square and plumb in both horizontal and vertical planes. These components also support the scaffolding in making lateral movements conveniently. The braces can slide into place without complications.


Ace Scaffolding’s ties help restrain the scaffold, preventing inward and outward movement; it supports the standard function of carrying the scaffold’s vertical load.

Lifts and headroom

For scaffold platforms that are used for the wheeling of loads or as regular walkways, we deliver clear headroom of at least 1.8m, along the mid-half width of the working platform.


If the scaffold platform runs over a public pathway, we put safety measures in place to protect passers-by. This is because depending on the project, falling materials or equipment can hit them. These safety measures include using catch screens when the scaffolds horizontal distance exceeds half of the vertical screens vertical distance. Another option is to screen the initial scaffold platform using steel mesh or stronger screens measuring nothing less than 1-metre.


We supply toe boards that are attached to the outer edge of the working platform if it is over 3meters high. This way, they won’t dislodge and fall as tools and materials are mounted on the platform. The toe-boards are designed with the right height and strength specifications, to enable them to work efficiently.

Mid rails and guardrails

We offer mid-rails and guard rails for the unprotected sides and ends of scaffolding platforms over 3-metres.

The benefits of working with Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath


Ace Scaffolding can erect and remove scaffolding structures following all health and safety standards, you can trust us to do that with no fuss. The quality of our work is a testament to the experience we have gathered in over a decade.

We remain among the top NASC members in Haywards Heath. With Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath, you get competitive rates on scaffolding hire services.

Our team of expert scaffolders are committed to giving you good value for money. You get exceptional results with Ace Scaffolding’s technicians. From providing scaffolding-related advice to executing scaffolding projects, we are bent on ensuring you get the best results, this is why we will walk with you every step of the way to ensure the successful completion of your project. We are always committed to delivering premium services and this has distinguished us from every other scaffolding company in Haywards Heath.

We promise that you can count on Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath to provide you with impeccable custom scaffolding systems. We are a reputable firm in Haywards Heath, because of the competitiveness of our pricing and our reliability. Our scaffolders are efficient, reliable and punctual. They carry you along every step of the way and put your safety first. They fulfil your site plan and provide expert advice on your scaffolding-related concerns.

We can deliver quality scaffolding services on time, meeting your specifications without compromising your safety. We are always  ready to help you on your next project and provide you with a free quote for your project needs. Ace Scaffolding is the best choice for you if you are searching for affordable scaffolding services in Haywards Heath. Our experience and public insurance cover of over xxx million builds the confidence of our clients. Contact us today on 01444 712 495 if you require scaffolding services in Haywards Heath.


Ace Scaffolding Scaffolding has the experience and technical expertise to satisfy your scaffolding needs. Regardless of your project’s size or type, our scaffolders are up to the challenge.  We’ll match your site with the perfect access tower for the job. With our high level of experience, we can guarantee, you will be completely satisfied with the scaffolding solution we provide for your project, whether it is in the industrial, commercial or domestic sector in Haywards Heath. Over the years, we have been responsible for effectively handling renovations, new builds, weatherproofing, and temporary roofing projects in Haywards Heath, in both small, medium, and large scale. This makes us one of the key players in Haywards Heath scaffolding sector. Our team has been involved in a variety of industrial, domestic and commercial projects.


You can rely on us to deliver excellent scaffolding solutions anywhere in Haywards Heath, our depots are strategically positioned in Haywards Heath to allow our highly experienced personnel and management team to work effectively. If you would like to find out how we can help with your project such as painting and decorating, new build construction, renovation access scaffolding, access for architectural inspection or roofing, call us today. You are assured of the best access solutions for your project needs when you choose our team of experts.

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Ace Scaffolding provides safety netting, guardrail systems, staircase access solutions as well as other systems for working at height, that can protect and prevent fall. We provide the following services: household scaffolding, prompt on-site erection, fitting scaffolding and height access tubes. At Ace Scaffolding Scaffolding we offer innovative protection measures for our scaffolding projects. Our experts use sustainable methods to provide safe access to elevated platforms. We create a safe working environment; this is why our scaffolding services are tailor-made for you and your tradesmen.

To deliver waterproof protection for your projects, we only make use of quality industry-standard temporary roofing and cladding gear for the best results. Over the years, we’ve delivered a vast array of different types of scaffolding solutions – tree protection, commercial, new build, residential, marine work and residential. We have designed our custom programmes and courses that provide training on topics such as, how to inspect and use protection and prevention equipment, a confined space work abrasive wheel manual and instructions on how to use our wide range of products like roof systems, scaffold access towers, roof edge protection systems and trestle handrails.

For more protection during repair or renovation, our team is covered fully by public liability insurance. Choosing Ace Scaffolding is choosing full on-site protection as well as affordable and efficient scaffolding systems which will not only increase the speed of your project but also ensure work continues even in challenging weather.


Ace Scaffolding Scaffolding has professional and qualified scaffolders who are capable of making the right choice for the access tower. You can do so regardless of the access criteria of your project. Our scaffolding team has enhanced its capacity to provide safe roads and bridges work platforms while also ensuring safe access to scaffolding services to different Haywards Heath projects. We are a reliable access scaffolding company, proudly working out of Haywards Heath. No matter what the criteria for your project are, Ace Scaffolding is a brand of confidence and provides your access scaffolds, whether it is a project that needs scaffolding platforms to operate at height in Haywards Heath. Our goal is to provide access scaffolding that is safe, convenient and allows you and your employees to reach, hard to reach areas on site.


Our workers are highly qualified in complying with all industry regulations and standards in Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath. We observe all health and safety protocols and stand-alone legislative operating procedures. We have valuable knowledge accumulated from 10 years in the scaffolding business. You can benefit from this expertise to enjoy the proper installation under industry regulations.

Safety standards

We have a team of scaffolders who are well trained, highly experienced, and are conversant with the importance of safety. You can be assured that our team of scaffolders will provide high safety standards site survey.    Our work platforms for scaffolding are recommended in the industry and meet all current safety and health standards.  This makes getting from our scaffolding platforms one of the easiest and most secure high-level work platforms. We have a flawless record that shows our commitment.

Our scaffolders are timely and professional always. We always keep up with the latest health and safety standards and scaffolding industry development.

Health and safety

The top priority for us at Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath is the welfare, health and safety are our clients and the public. This is why all our scaffolding structures are erected and dismantled with minimal fuss and in line with all current health and safety regulations. We strive towards delivering service of the highest standard to all our clients. We use proven practices to ensure a smooth operation from start to finish. Our scaffolds meet all health standards and safety regulations.

Public liability

We are fully insured against employers and public liability. We also own all our equipment and maintain it to very high standards. Our team is made up of scaffolding specialists who are professionally trained (CISRS trained).   As a company, we are insured for up to X million with the employer and public liability. We have covered all our bases (£X million insurance cover and the highest level of training), to ensure that we can provide you with the scaffolding solution that you deserve. You are bound to get the best from our technicians who are CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) trained and CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme) cardholders. To help you avoid accidents, we can offer expert advice on health and safety practices.

Work at height

We provide a wide range of protection systems to prevent workers and materials at heights from falling. Whatever access scaffold equipment you need for your project, Ace Scaffolding can meet the need. In Haywards Heath, we have provided customers with a wide range of safe access scaffolding and work platforms used to undertake height repair or construction work. We also deliver protection for floors and roof edges where materials and people are prone to falling. To completely avoid damage to your building, we ensure that our scaffolding is assembled and erected in the right position at the perfect height. Using Ace Scaffolding scaffolding services to carry out all the construction, renovation or building projects with ease.

Public liability

We have insurance against public and employer liability. We own our equipment outright and keep them well-maintained. Our team consists of professionally certified (CISRS certified) scaffolding professionals. We are insured as a leading scaffolding contractor to the tune of XXX. Both public and employer liability claims are protected by our insurance. To ensure we can provide you with the scaffolding solution you need, we have covered all our bases (£XXX million insurance cover and the highest standard of training). With Ace Scaffolding you are assured of the best service thanks to our scaffolders who are CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) and CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme ) cardholders. We are open to sharing or health and safety knowledge and experience with our clients.


In terms of scale, complexity and level of expertise required, every project is unique. Therefore, for scaffolding hire or our scaffolding solutions do not have a fixed cost. The technical expertise required for installation and your project’s timeframe affect your scaffolding charges. Call us on 01444 712 495 to get an accurate quote for your scaffolding needs today.

Hire rates

At Haywards Heath, we offer the most cost-effective rates for scaffolding services. Give us a call today, to get a free quote for your project.

Delivery rates

Ace Scaffolding is your best choice for industry-grade, modern equipment at bargain prices. Whether you need long-term or short-term scaffolding services, there will be no hidden charges with Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath. We offer detailed and accurate quotes at a flat rate.


Do you need more information about our Haywards Heath scaffolding services? Reach out to our team today on 01444 712 495 or send an email to An expert is always available to discuss your project requirements and walk you through getting a solution. We appreciate the importance of client satisfaction. We offer support from designing the scaffold to installation and disassembling after your project. No project is too large or small for our experts. Get in touch with us today for the ideal scaffolding experience. Call 01444 712 495 or forward an email to


What is a scaffolding platform?

Scaffolding platforms are detachable platforms which are either suspended or supported and are used for supporting workers who are painting, renovating or building at height.

What is the length of time it takes to set up a scaffolding working platform?

Usually, installations can last from 3 hours to 4 days, the type of scaffold platform, would determine how long it would take to build the desired scaffold platform.

What is the cost of a scaffolding service?

It is difficult to provide an outline figure, the charge is not fixed for our scaffolding services. Contact our team of experts on 01444 712 495 and discuss the scope of your project in order to arrive at an estimate, this is the best way to get the cost of the service. We will then be able to visit your site, quantify and detail all cost impacts that we have with your scaffolding systems.

What is a work platform?

Work platforms are used by construction workers to get access to elevated areas which would normally be hard to reach.  They consist of gangways, trestles, stairways, cradles, mobile platforms and more.

Why is scaffolding important?

A major benefit of using scaffolds in construction is its ability to provide access to the elevated areas of high rise buildings. With the use of fibreglass, lightweight metals or wood placed on a support network, our scaffolding services provide tradesmen with the adequate height to get their work done.

What is the importance of scaffolding in construction?

Scaffolding provides temporary support for workers to access areas that would normally be hard to reach. Scaffolds help protect workers and materials from falling while building construction is ongoing.

How is scaffolding measured?

By splitting their total height into one part of the scaffold, the height of a scaffold is determined. The number of rows a scaffolding system has for a particular project is calculated by this measure. The value for the number of rows is then multiplied by the number of columns to get the number of scaffolding sections.

How high can a scaffolding structure go?

The height depends on the scaffolding type. The height of the platform must not exceed three times its smallest base dimension for freestanding tower or rolling scaffolding systems, which is called the 3 to 1 rule. To prevent overturning of the structure, scaffolding systems which go above the 3-1 rule must be firmly secured.

Is it necessary to tag scaffold?

The tag system is not mandatory, the scaffolding structures are nevertheless inspected. Scaffolding inspection reports must be forwarded to the correct person after they have been completed.

Would I need to get a permit before having a scaffolding system erected?

There is no need for a license when the scaffolding system is to be installed within the limits of your property. But, you will need to get a permit from the local council if the scaffolding will be erected on a public pathway. Should this be the case then we are responsible for obtaining the required permit. Where applicable, we also provide advice on scaffolding systems. For your Scaffolding Hire Quotes, get in touch with us.

We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

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