Access Scaffolds in Haywards Heath

Over ten years, Ace Scaffolding has supplied customer access and scaffolding systems within Haywards Heath. Our CISRS FASET certified team of experts are able to meet all your scaffolding system and services needs giving you access to elevated areas on your project site. Our services include providing access scaffolding and designing specialised, reliable and standard equipment for scaffolding. No matter your scaffolding needs, you can count on us to meet them. We can also take on easier tasks like providing scaffolding for regular building and renovation projects.

We can execute more complex projects such as temporary roofing and new constructions, and scaffolding systems for weatherproofing buildings and access solutions are not beyond our reach. We have all the resources required to accomplish large and complicated scaffolding projects. We work towards providing high-quality scaffolding services regardless of the size of your project. We comply with all health and safety regulations in all our operations.

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Access Scaffolding Hire

Our years of experience makes Ace Scaffolding an excellent choice for your project’s scaffolding needs. We can tailor our delivery to your requirements because we know that the needs of customers differ. We customize every scaffolding solution we provide to meet the unique needs of your project. We analyse your requirements after we have listened to you and work out suitable scaffolding solutions to meet these requirements. You could be a domestic client who needs access scaffolding services for some areas when renovating your home or a commercial client in need of scaffolding services for the renovation or construction of your office premises. We can offer scaffold systems bespoke designed to meet your needs whatever the size and the duration of your project.



For the following domestic projects, Ace Scaffolding provides scaffolds: gutters, roofing improvements, solar panel erections and fascias projects. Ace Scaffolding provides advice for DIY designs, and installation and disassembly advice for scaffolding. Our scaffolding systems are of top quality to ensure safety during the life of your project


Ace Scaffolding Scaffolding is among Haywards Heath’s leading scaffolding contractors. We have provided scaffolding services to several satisfied commercial clients. For renovation, painting and other work in the commercial field, we offer commercial scaffolding. We make safety our priority and our scaffolding services comply with the relevant requirements for health and safety.

Types of Scaffolding

Regardless of the size or scope, we consider your project’s needs and proffer the ideal scaffolding type to meet them. The experience and knowledge we have gathered as scaffolding experts in 10 years of services makes us more than capable in deciding which scaffolding type will work best for your project.

Access Scaffolding

Access hire for scaffolding gives access to areas that are difficult to reach for building projects. These access solutions come in different systems such as: stairway towers, tube & clamp, ring lock systems for construction purposes.

Decorating Access

Our decorative scaffolding gives workers horizontal work and walking access; they can finish their work faster and easier with this system in place.  We don’t stop at installing the scaffolding, we also dismantle at the completion of the project. Call us at the end of your project and we’ll be at your place dismantling the scaffolding in no time.

Internal Scaffolding

Using techniques acquired over the years, our skilled internal scaffolding team can erect scaffolding within any structure or building. Contact us today for the best scaffolding services you can get for your projects  in Haywards Heath.

Support Scaffolds

Support scaffolds consist of a working platform or several platforms supported by frames, uprights, brackets, poles, legs, outrigger beams, posts, and other supports.  We are the go to company for your work at height projects in Haywards Heath.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Temporary Roofs

We help with any emergency, and we provide scaffolding for fixing temporary roofs or remedying collapsed roofs and walls.  We supply temporary roofing whether as a stand alone scaffolds or to support existing scaffolding. Ace Scaffolding temporary roofs will provide protection for your project against dust and other environmental hazards.  

Our scaffolds and temporary roofing allows your workers to work on any building project regardless of the height of the structure. While carrying out all our operations, the safety and health of workers is our topmost priority.

Suspended Scaffolding

Access Scaffold Systems provides suspended scaffolding services that allow you to access construction sites safely. Our team of expert scaffolders have CISRS FASET training, and can assist with the installation and eventual dismantling of scaffolding. Most constructions can’t take place without a sturdy and reliable scaffolding. Ace Scaffolding provides suspended scaffolding for your industrial and domestic projects.


Short Term Hire of scaffolding

You can hire our scaffolding systems, groundwork, and equipment for short term projects.

Long Term Hire of scaffolding

No matter the size of the project, we also offer long-term scaffolding hire options.

Construction of scaffolding

We have the experience and expertise to provide you with the right access tower for each task, no matter your task or project. We have worked on military bases, schools, ports, hospital, and our clients have been satisfied with our services. We have a talented and experienced workforce that stays up to date with the latest industry legislation, health and safety guidelines.

scaffolding Supplies

We provide scaffolding systems for a wide range of buildings such as schools, office complexes, churches and ports. Because of the places that are difficult to access, these structures demand special attention. To get access to these areas, we provide and install scaffolding safety solutions, system scaffolding and groundwork products etc.

scaffolding Contractors

Ace Scaffolding Scaffolding is among Haywards Heath’s top scaffolding contractors. We provide scaffolding equipment like acrow pops, boards,alloy towers,builder trestles etc.

Erection of scaffolding

For any building or project site, Ace Scaffolding is able to mount commercial and industrial scaffolding. Public ministries and NGOs are among our satisfied clientele. Our experienced team of experts can assist with all scaffolding challenges, easing the flow of our project.

Design of Scaffolding

We design scaffolds for projects that have hard access zones and where help is needed. We can design support scaffolds, temporary roofs, and hanging scaffolds. We handle all types of projects, including construction projects which are outside of TG20 13 compliance, and we carry out load calculations and prepare special plans. We will supply and erect it for your residential, commercial and industrial construction projects after designing the customized scaffolding. Get in touch with us for the design, and assembling of your unique scaffolding designed to meet your specific needs.

Access Equipment

We provide different scaffolding equipment for hire at affordable prices to our customers.



We are experienced in many areas of scaffolding, ranging from domestic to industrial building projects on a wide scale. We have many satisfied customers and we owe that to the decades of experience in diverse industries in supplying, building and installing facilities in Haywards Heath. Our scaffolding is of the highest quality and standards, and our work has been tested in all kinds of use cases including the painting, domestic and commercial sectors. We are committed to our customers with our level of expertise and efficiency, this is why we are the right contractor for all of our customers’ scaffolding needs.

Quality Scaffolding

We use professionals for our projects regardless of the scope or type; you can expect the best scaffolding service when working with us. Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath is a qualified scaffolding company that provides reliable and safe services. With Ace Scaffolding Scaffolding, your scaffolding quality is assured without any complications. We have rendered value-added services  to companies across Haywards Heath. We are renowned and trusted by several commercial scaffolding companies. We offer scaffolding services to several companies in the utility and food sectors. The construction, domestic and commercial industries aren’t left out.

Affordable Prices

Ace Scaffolding provides high-quality and moderate pricing equipment and facilities in Haywards Heath. We have become the most sought-after scaffolding firms in Haywards Heath. Our scaffolding facilities have helped homeowners, land developers, and tradespeople. We do on-site work to make sure you’re satisfied with the scaffolding equipment before installation.

Exemplary Client Service

We believe that the client is the ultimate in our business, and we treat you with priority. We are willing to answer questions and help you determine your project’s scaffolding requirements.  We offer expert advice and assistance to our clients. Our team of CISRS trained experts are always willing to provide expert knowledge and carry out their job professionally. We involve our clients right through all the processes from the initial call to dismantling the scaffolding after the job is done.  In Haywards Heath, we provide high quality service to our customers. At Ace Scaffolding, safety and security is a high priority.

Our customers have become friends and even family to us because our client relationship is second to none. We build all our work to the highest standards, and we pride ourselves on our zero tolerance for mediocrity. Our rich experience, commitment to excellence, and expertise ensures client satisfaction at all levels of service in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.


Safety Standards

We are members of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation, this is why we ensure we follow strict health and safety requirements made possible through frequent audit. Our team of well trained experts ensure all activities in full compliance with safety and efficiency. We give you the best services your money requires. We make it our duty to keep you updated on all health and safety guidelines while also ensuring we meet all of your requirements.

Safety and Health

Safety and health are paramount to us. For the welfare of construction workers, homeowners and everyone on site, we follow strict safety and health regulations. We meet every safety, health and legal standard. Our services are in compliance with TG20 standards. Ace Scaffolding complies with all safety regulations during the installation of safety nettings and scaffolding systems in depots, carparks, shopping complexes and city centres.

Work Height

To prevent damage to houses, scaffolding needs to be done at the right height and in the right place. We understand this and we make sure our scaffolds are correctly positioned.  Because we care for our clients we operate a strict health and safety policy.

Public Liability

Ace Scaffolding Scaffolding has XX million in Public Liability Insurance, giving us the freedom to handle any projects. We’re passionate and proud of our achievements as safety and health professionals. Through our numerous projects, we’ve contributed to innovative safety technology offering collective protection that fights the risk at source.  We use proactive protection strategies to minimize injuries and property damage.


Our team of experts at Ace Scaffolding are accredited and qualified by CITD, allowing them to give all our clients quality services. We take time to understand the needs of our clients and use top-quality materials to provide professional service at affordable costs.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Hire Rates

Our scaffolding services are one of the most affordable in Haywards Heath. Our clients enjoy flexible, affordable, and reliable services Our clients have exclusive access to scaffold platforms because we prioritise their needs at  all times. Contact us for a free quote, and we will work with you to ensure your project is successfully completed at a fair price. You’ll love to work with us, we’ll happily provide you with a no-obligation quote and give you all the assistance you need to ensure that your work is carried out safely at a cost that is hard to beat anywhere.

Delivery Rates

Our operation within Haywards Heath allows us to offer competitive delivery rates within the area. Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath is right for you if you need a company that provides quality equipment at great prices, from a quality team, and with a large delivery network inside Haywards Heath. The prices on this website may vary with local prices due to several reasons.


If you are unsure about your scaffolding needs, please contact us. Regardless of your project, our team will gladly attend to you, provide a free quote and work out your scaffolding needs.


What is Access Scaffolding?

Access scaffolding provides temporary access to places that are not easy to reach when it is undergoing construction.

Can One Tie-Off to A Scaffold? 

When tied off to a scaffold, 100% fall protection is guaranteed. Based on OSHA standards, scaffolds can operate as a support for fall arrest systems.

What Are the Load Ratings of Scaffolds?

There are three load ratings for scaffolds:

  • Light duty scaffolds: These permit up to 120 kg/sqm
  • Medium duty scaffolds: These permit up to 240 kg/sqm
  • Heavy-duty scaffolds: These permit more than 240 kg/sqm

Who can Inspect a Scaffold?

The inspector must be on the CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme Course (SITS) in order to inspect a scaffold. Such people are competent enough to inspect a scaffold provided their employer can establish that they have the right experience and knowledge. Inspectors need to pass a knowledge test after taking the course.

Are Scaffold Tags an Important Legal Requirement?

Scaffolds tag systems are not legally mandatory, however, scaffolds over 2m are expected to be inspected by law.  A weekly report must also be submitted by a qualified worker after the project is completed.

Why are Ties Needed for A Scaffold?

Ties hold scaffolding in vertical positions, allowing the scaffold to hold the weight of the boards, workers and materials without collapsing.

How is Scaffolding Calculated?

Dividing the total height of the scaffold by  the height of a single section will give the scaffold calculation.  This will allow you to determine how many rows your scaffold will take. To determine the number of scaffold sections needed for a project, multiply the number of rows by the number of columns.

How Much Weight Can Scaffold Support? 

Multiplying 35 sq ft by 25 lbs per sq ft gives you 875. Therefore, with more than 875 pounds, the scaffold will not be filled up. The scaffold can safely support 3 people weighing 200 lbs each, which adds up to 600 lbs. Subtracting 750 from 875 pounds leaves an additional room of 125pounds for tools and other materials.

What Size is Scaffolding?

The width of the boards is used for calculating the width of the scaffold. 600mm is the minimum width allowed, but a regular four-board scaffold could be 870mm wide from standard to standard. Heavy-duty scaffolding takes about five to eight boards in width.

How Much Will a Scaffold Cost Me?

The prices of scaffolding are affordable and fair.  You can get a single side scaffold for £XXX per week. Budget somewhere between £XX and £XX. For more precise estimates, contact Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath, your local scaffolding firm.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Scaffold?

Renting scaffolds can cost between £XX-£XX weekly, or £XX-£XX daily. Depending on the scaffolding type and size, the prices may vary. Rates are charged daily, weekly or monthly. Another option is to charge you for each piece. The frame sections, wheels, and guard rails will carry separate charges. In addition, contractors can charge for the full kit.

How Often Should a Scaffold Inspection Be Done?

For scaffolds with a fall risk of more than 4 meters, scaffolds must be inspected every 30 days. Contact the scaffold’s designer or supplier for regular inspection after scaffold installation. We can provide scaffolding-related advice where necessary. If you want to get a free quote for your scaffolding project, contact us on 01444 712 495.

We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

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