Scaffold Systems In Haywards Heath

For more than 10 years, Ace Scaffolding has been supplying and erecting scaffolding in Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas and has had the resources and skill to tackle projects regardless of scale. At Ace Scaffolding, our scaffolders are professionally trained and experienced in undertaking any level of scaffolding project in any sector, which has earned us a badge as one of the leading scaffolding companies in Haywards Heath. In Haywards Heath, we are known for delivering the most flexible and professional service among scaffolding companies.

We always give our clients premium services, and that’s why they keep coming back to us every time they have a scaffolding project. We use a range of ISO 9001 2000 accredited manufacturers’ instruments, including scaffold fittings, leather wear, ginwheels, trench, strongboys, props, spanners, and Jack’s Plastic Goods, all of which are individually tested in compliance with the applicable European and British quality standards.

Scaffolding hire

We are a local scaffolding contractor that provides industrial and commercial scaffolding services, as well as hiring and sales to Haywards Heath and surrounding areas. The benefit of scaffolding hire vendors is you can order exactly the number of scaffolding pieces you need. We are your local scaffolders providing top quality scaffolding services for both residential and commercial clients across all areas in Haywards Heath. We have gained extensive experience in the business of scaffolding services, and we can deliver premium services that will suit your project specifications.

We can customise our services to meet your needs. Whether you are a commercial customer needing scaffolding and related services to work on your business premises or a domestic customer needing safe access for construction workers to carry out renovation work – our scaffolding services can be designed around your needs, timeframe and budget.


Ace Scaffolding is proud to be one of the leading scaffolding contractors in the Haywards Heath area, offering a wide range of services to the domestic, commercial, industrial sectors.


We always try to do our utmost to provide you with the relevant advice and the best scaffolding facilities for your project anywhere in the Haywards Heath area. At Ace Scaffolding, our team of scaffolders are experienced experts who have been professionally trained in all aspects of the scaffolding industry, they have the skill and experience to deliver according to client’s requirements.

Our scaffolders are professionals who thrive working together with other tradesmen to provide support in completing domestic or small work projects. A variety of clients in the domestic sector are loyal customers, and this is because of our ethics understanding the specifications of your projects and the competitive pricing of our premium services.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction


We understand the difficulties involved in commercial construction projects, and that they may require a more comprehensive approach. We offer a competitive service to the commercial market, with project values ranging from 25000 to 2.5 million on commercial projects. We ensure we complete every project in the duration you have planned for it and we offer all these services in compliance to standards approved by the law.


For more than 6 years, we have been in the scaffolding business, helping and delivering high quality service to industrial clients for their complex building projects, roof-repair projects, including small private renovations or extensions, we can also give cost-effective quotes.

We are known for delivering excellent services and reliability and professionalism Our expert mix of knowledge and experience guarantees our Haywards Heath customers full satisfaction at the end of any project, irrespective of the sector.

Scaffolding Types

We can install safe and efficient scaffolding for any project; our scaffolders can complete scaffolding for new construction projects or renovation of existing buildings.

Access Scaffolding

We have also provided stairway access for public walkways and the diversion of key services while working with major contractors. We have been able to ensure secure and safe work spaces on bridges and roads around the Haywards Heath via our access scaffolding solutions for infrastructure projects. In our projects, large or small, we aim for excellence; our determination sets us apart and positions us in the prime position within Haywards Heath for premium scaffolding service delivery.

The wide range of premium scaffold service we provide includes: tubes and fittings for scaffolding systems, independent scaffolding inspection, comprehensive designs, and stairway access. We have a comprehensive list of the services and products that your access project will require and we use the latest equipment and for every project we handle.

Decorating Access

Maintain a safe work environment by hiring experts for your scaffold installation. Scaffolding provides decorators and painters with a stable working platform for the full renovation of high-rise buildings, allowing them to navigate the hard-to-reach areas of the building. Here at Ace Scaffolding, we have a good reputation based on the quality of our work and for continuously offering creative custom scaffolding solutions in the area. For hotels and warehouses, we will supply sufficient scaffolding structures so that repair work can be carried out with minimal to no effect on the everyday routine.

Internal Scaffolding

When you need internal scaffolding, we are experts. In situations where ladders cannot get the job done in a secure and proper way, internal scaffolding will serve perfectly. Birdcages can also be used for crash decks during the construction of new builds to stop operatives falling into the building internally.

With vast local council scaffolding expertise and multi-million pound building campaigns, with Ace Scaffolding you can still expect professional and reliable facilities. Our client base includes many major contractors and local authorities who have used our services for years and who need and have come to expect the highest levels of service quality and safety.

Support Scaffolds

We offer scaffold works with specialist design such as hanging or support scaffold in places with access issues. Ace Scaffolding is one of the most reasonably-priced scaffolding contractors and suppliers of rental scaffolding solutions in the entire Haywards Heath area. You can trust our team of experts, made up of skilled bricklayers, scaffolders, machinery operators, and supervisors to get the job done right all the time.

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Temporary Roofs

Do you need temporary roofing installed by seasoned scaffolding experts anywhere in Haywards Heath? We have an experienced team to manage all the needs of your client. We can deliver and install safety netting and temporary roofs for long- and short-term contracts. The risk associated with operating at high elevations is minimized by building temporary roofs. Our services cover different aspects of scaffolding from new constructions to huge temporary roofing, and smaller access towers for renovations. We are proud of the level of service that all our customers provide, whether it be for large-scale projects where security is a top priority or one-off projects. Please email us today to get started.

Suspended Scaffolding

We have a  team of reliable technicians who aim to help you build a comfortable work atmosphere that can offer fair pricing and competent scaffolding services. We offer our services to customers in the entire Sussex area with particular focus on Haywards Heath. We provide a first-class, friendly but skilled scaffolding service delivered by our highly trained staff, all certified by CITB and CISRS, and assisted by our management team with over 10 years of combined experience in the scaffolding industry.


We have competent workers who pay close attention to detail and can provide the best scaffolding services, including:

Long term scaffold hire

We cover all access requirements from large multi storey structures on a long-term basis for varying trades and clients.

Short term scaffold hire

Through a national branch network, we can supply all forms of access equipment scaffolding system scaffolding fencing and groundwork all on a short-term hire.

Scaffolding supplies

We don’t supply scaffolding equipment alone; our services include scaffold installation and disassembling after your project. In addition, scaffolding devices such as ladders, trestles, lightweight alloy towers, and scaffolding boards & acrow-props are available for sale or hire.

scaffolding construction

Over the years we have carried out work in every aspect of scaffolding working for construction companies, local authorities, county councils, schools, colleges, hospitals, railways, ports, military bases, multinational companies, and more.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Scaffolding contractors

At Ace Scaffolding, we are proud to be one of the leading scaffolding contractors in Haywards Heath, offering a full range of services for projects in all sectors. Our 10 years of scaffolding experience has seen us complete numerous jobs in the construction industry.

Scaffold design

We design our scaffolding to optimize the safety of the client, their workers, and the general public. Thanks to our 10 years of experience scaffolding designs for unique projects is something we’re great at innovative and proven design which may help to secure a project which has complex temporary works aspects. Using AutoCAD, our scaffolding team produces scaffolding designs and, if necessary, we will provide a 3D display for your project. We are able to deliver premium scaffold design for all types of scaffold erections, including those that do not fall under the basic scaffold type as covered in the NASC guidance TG20 08, thanks to the strategic partnership we have with key players in the industry.

Scaffolding erection

As insured, local authority approved, and valued members of the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board), our clients have the assurance of getting safe installation of scaffolding systems. To ensure that no harm is done to the structures, we will ensure that the scaffolding is assembled at the right place and at the right height. Our pre-set procedures are flexible and thorough enough to meet the needs of every client because we know that every project is different in its needs. We can work to your schedule, providing scaffold installation services to fit into your project’s timeline. 

Access equipment

We design and supply access scaffolding and custom-built work platforms, matching the exact needs of the client, thereby providing a safe and effective solution when it comes to access equipment hiring. Ace Scaffolding is one the most affordable scaffolding contractors and suppliers of rental access equipment in greater Manchester and the surrounding areas.



Our extensive scaffolding experience and technical prowess allows us to offer our clients premium services from the initial design stage to the successful completion of their projects. We strive to provide prompt and budget-friendly scaffolding solutions. Every member of our scaffolding team is well qualified and licensed and have had years of training in all fields of Haywards Heath scaffolding to ensure that all our domestic and small works customers continue to be satisfied.

Competitive prices

It is our philosophy that good firms need to be trustworthy, polite, and efficient; to exploit premium workmanship to have good value for invested capital. We boast of highly favorable rates and provide a safe and efficient service for all customers. Contact our insured team of professional, CISRS recognized scaffolders for fairly-priced suspended scaffolding installation.

Quality scaffolding

Our teams of trained scaffolders have a wealth of experience delivering scaffolding services and have built an unmatched reputation of providing the best scaffolding services in the Haywards Heath area. In all of our scaffolding projects, we aspire for perfection and our friendly team is always on hand to provide advice and support. You can see this in the high degree of repeat business we earn and also the fact that inside Haywards Heath, we are licensed providers to a vast number of organizations.


Are you in search of premium scaffolding facilities for your facility? You have come to the right place, if that is the case. At Ace Scaffolding, we have years of experience designing, supplying, and installing scaffolding for projects in Haywards Heath’s commercial and domestic sectors. We pride ourselves in providing quality scaffolding at an affordable price with our prompt and efficient reliable trained workforce.

Over the years , we have developed a good reputation for our high quality scaffolding services. Our methods promote reliability, encourage customer support, and prioritize safety; we always strive to comply with relevant regulations and legislations. We are proud of the customisable quality service we offer and we endeavour to always meet the needs of our customers.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice


As experts in healthy and safe services, we are very proud and excited about our successes and joint commitment to advanced safe technology that provides collective support against source risk as opposed to minimizing control measures. Our scaffolders are able to assist when it comes to hiring access scaffolds, scaffold towers, temporary roofs, high street scaffolds, scaffold handrails, edge security, chimney scaffolds, and much more for both domestic and commercial scaffolding.


For over 10 years, Ace Scaffolding has delivered premium access equipment to industrial, domestic, and commercial clients throughout Haywards Heath. Please get in touch today to find out how we can be part of your project, whether it involves painting, decorating, gaining access to a difficult area, architectural inspections, or general maintenance work, taking advantage of our experience and resources to get access solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Safety Standards

Our operators have CITB and CISRS training, they provide quality scaffolding services in compliance with the appropriate health and safety regulations. All our materials conform to the highest safety standards and are regularly inspected and rigorously maintained.


We carry out every project in full accordance with the health and safety regulations that are applicable. Ace Scaffolding is a household name in scaffolding installation and dismantling; we use trained experts and comply with health and safety regulations.

Health & safety

We are proud to have no reports of any accidents or health & safety incidents in our entire tenure of trading which is testament to our dedicated vigilant and professional staff. In our role as a scaffolding contractor we also ensure that our team undergo regular in-house training in full compliance with the latest Health & Safety legislation.

Work height

You and your staff can operate safely at high altitude with our temporary scaffolding systems, whether you are doing maintenance, cleaning or even engaging in a new building project, while complying with all the applicable safety and health regulations. We have an excellent workforce behind us and all of our workforce are highly trained in the scaffolding industry, they have all completed height safety courses through SpanSet also safety & access training through NASC and first aid training through NUCO which all contributes to a highly successful team.

All the structures offered are always made to measure to the specific building in question to ensure a snug fit and ultimate safety for all scaffolders and tradesmen working at scaffolding heights.

Public liability

Every of our work equipment is entirely owned and operated by ourselves to an extraordinarily high level and we work with insurance covers of XXX for employer liability and XXX for municipal liability.


Each project has unique requirements and demands varying levels of expertise, so the size, type, and difficulty of the project determines its cost. Cost will also be influenced by how long you need the scaffold for the scaffolding system, the technical difficulty of the installation and so on.      For any suggestions or assistance with your project, please call.

Delivery rates

We offer a free site survey and no cost of service. Every worksite has a Contract Manager who is the proxy between the client and our scaffolders, helping to manage interactions to get the best results.

hire rates

You can find scaffolding hire facilities at competitive rates with Ace Scaffolding, while ensuring you get premium services. We strive to offer excellence on all our projects, we deliver on time with fair prices to give you the best experience.


If you need scaffolding services within the greater Haywards Heath area, contact us today through our contact form or speak to one of our experts on 01444 712 495. You will be hard-pressed to find a better team of scaffolding contractors anywhere else in Haywards Heath. We positioned our service outlet and depot network to allow our well-trained and skilled scaffolders to work together with an excellent management team to deliver Haywards Heath premium access services.


What is the most commonly used type of scaffold?

For most construction projects, supported scaffolding is usually the ideal option. Supported scaffolds are not like suspended scaffolds, because they are built from the ground. It is the most common type of scaffold because of its safety and performance, and it is often used in construction.

What is the difference between scaffold and scaffolding?

The difference between them is that while scaffold is a platform made of scaffolding to support workers while they complete construction work, scaffolding is a makeshift structure that supports workers, materials, and equipment during construction or renovations.

What are the main parts of scaffolding?

Three parts make up a typical scaffolding: standards, ledgers and transoms. A standard is a long pipe or tube that connects the mass of the scaffold directly to the ground, and it runs the length of the scaffolding.

How long does Scaffolding take to erect?

Depending on the form of scaffolding and its complexity, it takes from 2 to 48 hours to assemble the scaffold.

Do you need a permit to erect scaffolding?

To install scaffolding that invades or stretches over a public space, you may require a permit; the local authority of the project area grants the permit to the scaffolding contractor of charge of the construction.

How do I obtain a permit to erect scaffolding?

A scaffolding contractor can apply on behalf of their customers. Applications for the permits are individually considered and worksite requirements are taken into account to ensure a stable work environment.

Can I use a ladder on a scaffold?

It cannot guarantee safety. One of the main points of using scaffolding is to reduce the risk from using ladders. It would only defeat the goal and raise the risk of accidents by putting the ladder on the scaffold.

How dangerous is scaffolding?

Working on scaffolding is risky, it can lead to accidents.  Statistics show that falling from scaffolding is among the most common accidents in the construction industry.

Who is responsible for scaffolding?

It is the duty of the scaffolding provider to ensure that the scaffolding is suitable for use at all times, including regular inspections and repairs, but it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the equipment is used safely.

When should scaffolding be used?

Scaffolding should be inspected and verified as safe to use before it is used for the first time and at least once every week until the end of the project. The inspection is very essential when the scaffolding has been exposed to adverse conditions like harsh weather or anything that can alter the structure of the scaffold.

Are scaffolds safe?

The biggest safety issue when working on scaffolding lies in whether or not the scaffold is safe to use. The scaffolding must be installed under the complete supervision of a scaffolding expert to guarantee safety, it must be checked again before it is put to use.

How much should a scaffold support?

A scaffold system must be able to support, without failure, its weight and a minimum of 4 times the maximum load to be applied on it during use.

How high can Scaffolding go?

The standard height of the top rail can be measured between 36 inches (0.9 meters) and 45 inches (1.2 meters) for scaffolds manufactured and released for service prior to 1 January 2000.

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