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Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath is a reputable scaffolding contract company with a well-trained and expert team, offering scaffolding services and equipment of superb quality across Sussex. Ace Scaffold provides scaffolding for a range of projects including high rise buildings, multiple storey houses, churches and historical buildings. We have an impressive track record that we continue to build on, giving our customers 100% satisfaction. Ace Scaffolding, one of the leading providers of Scaffolding Services in Haywards Heath and surrounding areas. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

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Scaffolding Hire

Ace boasts one of the most comprehensive fleets of mobile scaffolding equipment available together with a highly trained team of dedicated staff who work on your behalf to ensure quality and safety.. With over a decade of scaffolding hire services in the Sussex area we’re confident in our capacity and resourcefulness to handle your scaffolding hire needs in Haywards Heath, Worthing and every other area in Sussex… Proudly crafted over 10 years in Haywards Heath, our scaffolding and services are renowned for their quality, reliability, durability and competitiveness. Our expert team is available to guide you through the project planning stage right through to on-site erection, dismantling and maintenance.

Ace Scaffolding supplies a comprehensive range of scaffolding systems tailored to fit the individual needs of customers across all industries and job sites. Our versatility cuts across various disciplines and industries including construction, renovation, film and TV production, house building and others.


Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath is one of the foremost scaffolding contractors in Haywards Heath, East Sussex, with several years of experience in offering professional and reliable scaffolding services for industrial, commercial, and domestic applications.


Ace Scaffolding is a provider of scaffolding equipment and supplies for different domestic or private construction projects. Our well-trained and experienced scaffolders are CITB registered to carry out scaffolding installations in Haywards Heath.


Ace Scaffolding offers professional commercial scaffolding solutions for schools, factories and other large projects. We deliver quality scaffolding services at competitive prices to meet the demands of your construction project. We work hard to keep the public safe and adhere strictly to the latest working at height regulations as set out by CITB, CHAS and IOSH.


Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath is a thriving East Sussex based enterprise specialising in scaffolding services such as industrial scaffolding, scaffold sales and hire installations. We deliver safe and secure scaffold services and offer premium scaffold builds which are suited to your needs and budget.

Scaffolding Types

Ace Scaffolding is a well-established company that provides a variety of scaffolding services, including suspended and hung scaffolds, for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

Access Scaffolding

Ace is one of the leading scaffolding providers offering solutions for both simple and complex access scaffolding. We offer safe and simple solutions to all your access scaffolding requirements. As scaffolding contractors, we have a wealth of experience and expertise handling large, complex projects. We make use of a wide range of scaffolding equipment such as traditional tube and fitting, together with Haki, Cuplock and Delta systems.

Decorating Access

Ace Scaffolding is a reputable scaffolding company in Haywards Heath that is aiming to be your first choice for scaffold hire and equipment and will ensure that you are satisfied with our services. We take pride in our ability to meet any need you might have. Give us a call today on 01444 712 495 to get a quote for your next scaffold hire!

Internal Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath offer a scaffolding service to customers throughout Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas. We have extensive knowledge in all types of scaffolding of all heights. We are pleased to offer tower scaffolding hire if you require access to difficult, hard-to-reach places. Our scaffold towers give you maximum space and reach and they look stunning too. With internal scaffold access , you can change the colour of landing areas, lobbies or constricted access areas. Access towers are lightweight, durable and super easy to install.

Support Scaffold

As versatile scaffolding contractors, Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath also executes design scaffolding works such as hanging scaffolds, and temporary roofs support to enable access to parts of the building difficult to access.

Temporary Roofs

Ace Scaffolding is one of the most reliable providers of temporary roofs scaffolding in Haywards Heath Ace Scaffolding provides temporary roof erection and dismantling services that are reliable and cost effective. We have the requisite knowledge and experience to erect a temporary roof over your building irrespective of your roof size. Ace Scaffolding provides temporary roofs with reliable weather protection. They are incredibly safe and secure for a variety of uses.

Suspended Scaffolding

We pride ourselves on having the facilities and capacity to work on different buildings and structures. Not many scaffolding contractors can handle suspended scaffolding and rolling scaffolding. Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath boasts of the use of only CITB and CIRS accredited scaffolders to make sure your property is protected while you have scaffolding erected, whether you want traditional rolling scaffolding or suspended scaffolding. We offer bespoke services to meet the requirements of the client. We use top quality materials to ensure that you have a scaffolding that is safe and sturdy. That’s why we manufacture scaffolding with exceptional stability and superior strength. Most importantly, our prices are not the cheapest, but they are definitely one of the most affordable services. At Ace Scaffolding we pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service and quality workmanship.


Ace scaffolding Uckfield offers various scaffolding services to meet the different needs of our clients.

Short-Term Scaffold Hire

Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath is the scaffolding contractor you should call when looking for a scaffold for short-term use. We provide a variety of short-term scaffolding services including full construction scaffold Rental, Overhead garage scaffold renting, Temporary roof canopy rental, Provision and dismantling of Slip-form scaffolds. We are a company that was built on the foundation of honesty and integrity. All projects are covered by public liability insurance, which means there is no financial risk to you whatsoever. Our scaffolding staff will complete the job. With our holistic understanding of all parties involved, we ensure a high quality job delivered on time and within budget.

Long-Term Scaffold Hire

Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath is an established provider of long term scaffolding service in Haywards Heath. We understand every client is unique, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure our scaffolding products are perfectly tailored to meet your needs. We can provide you with a scaffold to hire for long-term use. So, contact us now! We have scaffolding contractors that will effectively handle the scaffold installation and dismantling, ensuring your needs are properly met Ace Scaffold Haywards Heath is a professional company and have a wealth of experience, counting on our many years of service we aim to be the best choice for anyone who requires long term scaffolding solutions in Haywards Heath.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Scaffolding Construction

We have the skills and expertise to work on any type of scaffolding construction project, big or small, for any industry, domestic or commercial in Haywards Heath. We have a team of well certified scaffolders who work tenaciously and are very hardworking, making sure that your structure is completed in time. Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath is glad to take on any project, regardless of the size. Choosing us would mean working with a team of experts who have the knowledge and capacity to provide your project with workable solutions. You can never go wrong with us!

Scaffolding Supplies

We have built a reputation as an effective scaffolding supplier as well as a leading scaffolding contractor. We offer a wide range of scaffolding supplies including tube, debris net, boards, fittings, ringbolts, sheeting, ladders, ropes and others. We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs and delivering safe and secure scaffolding solutions for their construction projects. We strongly believe that our customer satisfaction determines the future of our business, and this is why we commit our best towards delivering excellent services. .

At Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath, we are dedicated to helping you complete your job in a timely manner. We have all of the basic supplies, as well as the hard-to-find items that you need to complete your job safely and efficiently. If you need scaffolding supplies for your next high-rise building, temporary roofing or private house, consider us. Whether you have a new project or multi-national scaffolding contract in need of a specialty scaffold, or you need a scaffold repair and maintenance expert, give us a call today.

Scaffolding Erection

Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath specializes in scaffolding erection and shrink wrap temporary roofing. Our team can erect scaffolding for any commercial building, with the highest quality of workmanship.

Scaffold Design

We are fully certified in the design and erection of any scaffolding type. We deliver timely and quality services through our team of qualified professionals with complete scaffold design solutions. Despite our incredible quality service, our price remains very competitive. Our engineers and designers are qualified for and licensed to install scaffoldings that meet industry and government standards. We’ve made it our mission to deliver quality work in all industries. We bring transparency, experience, and the best of safety standards.

Access Equipment

Our specialisms also include specialist access platforms. We provide customised tower structures manufactured to expert specifications, such as access over height on escalators or workstations. We have a wide selection of access towers, with different types to suit your needs. We can also custom build access equipment for your project.

Why Choose Us?

Our objective is to satisfy each of our customer’s needs. We remain committed to the goal of providing quality scaffolding service. We have been receiving regular feedback from our valuable clients on how reliable and friendly our scaffolders are. It’s not surprising that they keep coming back to us for their scaffolding needs.

Unbeatable Service

Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath offers unparalleled scaffolding hire service across the South Coast. Our team of scaffolding contractors have impressive years of experience and expert knowledge to offer unmatchable scaffolding services. As a scaffolding contractor company, we understand business and how to make a difference in your work at height.

Friendly and Honest Service

Here at Haywards Heath we have a dedicated team who offer an efficient and courteous service to local council authorities, private individuals, building contractors and property developers Haywards Heath. We have a reputation as a trustworthy and dependable scaffolding contractor in Haywards Heath. We fully appreciate the fact that our clients place so much trust in us, and this is why we ensure we deliver the best service we can whenever our contractors go on site.

We have successfully provided scaffolding for our domestic, commercial, and industrial clients in Haywards Heath for more than ten years. Our customer care service providers are honest and courteous, and will help you with any questions you might have about our products.

CSCS-Trained Operatives

Our members of staff undergo relevant training in line with established Health and Safety legislation, to ensure they contribute to promoting the safety of our clients and other staff members. We have a team of trained workmen whose coverage is on local areas and we are very close to our customers, making us the preferred choice for all scaffolding services. We only employ highly skilled and experienced scaffolding contractors to ensure we maintain an unparalleled level of excellence in everything that we do. We’re proud to comply with all health and safety standards, from installation and maintenance through to dismantling. We continually work to improve our procedures.

CIRCS Health And Safety Approved

The safety of our workers, other workers on-site, and the general public is of crucial importance to us. That’s why we insist our workers take regular health and safety courses, so the risk of falling or being injured is as close to zero as possible. They constantly upgrade their technical knowledge to remain at the top of their fields. We inspect every worksite before scaffold erection, and after dismantling it to ensure the safety of every stakeholder. Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath has approval from CIRCS Health and Safety, providing safe and secure scaffolding.

NO Job Is Too Large Or Small

As a leading scaffolding contractor in Haywards Heath, no project is too large or small for us. Our services are custom tailored to your project specifications rather than a predetermined arrangement. Your satisfaction is our ultimate objective. This enables us to provide bespoke solutions for our client’s scaffolding. We handle all kinds of projects, from small homes to large public buildings.

We Take Pride In Our Work

We’re proud to be part of the scaffolding industry and help our clients make their vision a reality. Whether you need assemblers to build the scaffolding or a full cleaning service, Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath has got you covered. We are a family-run business. We pride ourselves on offering a unique, personal scaffolding service to our clients. We have over 40 years of combined experience in scaffolding, for small and large projects. With our industry-trained and certified contractors, you can have peace of mind that your project will be completed on time and with the utmost in safety. We also engage independent safety experts and architects to guide us on our scaffolding projects such as work on damaged bridges or renovation of old buildings.


We have built our reputation on providing high quality scaffolding services for all your needs. From small renovations to large projects for several years, we do it right, and never leave a job until you are 100% satisfied. We understand that you require a scaffolding company that you can rely on for all your projects, be it industrial, commercial, or domestic. So we ensure that the scaffolders we employ are fully qualified to deliver excellence in their field.

Quality Scaffolding

We are a scaffolding contractor of choice in Haywards Heath as we provide scaffolding services to tradespeople, national building companies, the local council, and industrial facilities in the area. We offer top-quality scaffolding guaranteed to make your workers feel completely safe and secure as they work on your structure. We use an efficient scaffold system which keeps the worksite organised, safe and enables effective time management.

Competitive Prices

Value, quality, and customer satisfaction aren’t the only driving forces of our business. We also recognise the need to deliver dependable and competitive scaffolding prices to our clients. Our scaffolding supply prices are second to none. We offer the best quality scaffolding at the most reasonable prices, without any compromising on quality. That’s why our scaffolding contractor day rates are some of the best around in Sussex.


Health and Safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we make great efforts to ensure that all of our scaffolding projects are completed safely.

Safety Standards

Our management team at Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath ensures strict adherence to safety standards. We are a competent and professional team who strive to ensure that all work is delivered on-time, within budget, and to the highest possible standard.

Health And Safety

Our priority is the safety of our workers, contractors using our scaffolding and the general public. To protect users and meet quality standards, we ensure our scaffolding meets necessary health and safety standards. Before the installation of scaffolding, our experienced and qualified inspectors inspect the site and carry out risk assessments. We have over £x million public liability insurance to keep our clients’ minds at peace. We make sure all of our scaffolders are CISRS, CITB and IPAF certified.

Work Height

We have several systems for our scaffolders to prevent heights. We are here to help you prevent accidents by providing effective and efficient systems for your workers who work on height. To avoid damage to client to clients structure or building, we do set up scaffolding in the right place and at the right height for optimal access to work areas.

Public Liability

We have over x millions of pounds in our public liability insurance policy as one of the leading scaffolders in Haywards Heath. We protect people and property with insurance because it is the right thing to do. The insurance is there as a backstop should an accident occur.


The cost of a project varies with its specific requirements. Some projects require a different level scaffolding contractor expertise than others. Need a free scaffolding quote? Give a call on 01444712495 today.

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