Scaffold Erection

Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath is a company that offers professional scaffolding erection services for clients in the entire Haywards Heath area. We can help erect a scaffold for your chimney repair, temporary roof installation, or provide safe access on your commercial projects. Our team is comprised of expert scaffolders that are all CITB-registered, CISRS-qualified and have years of aggregate experience in this field. Any scaffold erected for your project will have been properly inspected to ensure it meets the highest industry standards for safety and durability.

Our experienced team of scaffolders can help with any size of project, from small repair jobs around the home to large commercial refurbishment works. All our scaffolding is built to the latest standards and is regularly inspected by a government-approved competent person. Please contact our scaffolding team today for a free consultation on your upcoming project; be it a residential renovation or commercial construction project.

Professional Scaffolding Services

Our service includes the provision of safe access to scaffolds that can be used by scaffolders in the erection process and workmen to get to the working platform, thus removing the need to climb the scaffold directly. As well as scaffolding, we can also provide scaffold platforms, access towers and staircases where practicable. Our scaffolding team will adopt a unique system of operation which enables them to work away from and then back towards the means of access and emerge progressively. This means that they are able to minimise physical impacts on the site in order to avoid costly hold-ups and inconveniences.

Our Service Areas

Ace scaffolding Haywards Heath offers some of the best scaffolding services in the Haywards Heath area including scaffold erection in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Domestic Scaffolding Erection Service

At Ace scaffolding Haywards Heath, we offer top-quality domestic scaffolding services to homeowners in our service area as far as Haywards Heath to the east. At Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath we understand that a truly personalised service is essential. We will always go the extra mile to ensure we have met your needs and provide a first-class scaffolding service when you need it most. We relate with our customers on an individual basis and offer sound advice to them without using unnecessary scaffold industry jargon.

Scaffolding Erection Services for Commercial Clients

We have been providing Haywards Heath with high quality and innovative scaffold safe access solutions, including domestic scaffolds, industrial scaffolds, and commercial scaffolds for over 15 years. The safety nets we rin alongside the scaffolding units offers peace of mind for our clients and this gives us an edge over competitors in the area. This allows us to offer a full range of bespoke, fall-protection, safe access and supporting service that helps us to meet the different specific needs of our clients.

Large-Scale Scaffolding Erection Service

We set up scaffolding for all kinds of industrial entities across the country, and have been doing so for the past 6 years. Our experienced team of scaffolders can provide you with innovative scaffolding solutions that are sure to meet, and even exceed your expectations.

Types of Scaffolding Services

Access scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath offers erect, adjust, and dismantle tube and fitting scaffold in both domestic and commercial applications. The durable design of our Ace scaffold in Haywards Heath, with its lightweight construction and practical configuration, makes it a great solution for infrastructural projects on bridges spanning roads and rivers.

Decorating Access scaffolding

From painting to decorating, Ace Scaffolding’s decorating scaffolding will help you get the job done right. Not limited to carrying out works on industrial safety and access; our manufacturer-approved scaffolds can also be used for painting or house refurbishment projects. Contact us today to find out more.

Internal Scaffolding

Want to work at height safely? We offer internal scaffolding services for residential and commercial clients. When not in use, the scaffolding platform may also be used as an escape route in case of fire or emergency. However, if you’re still uncertain about the need for interior scaffolding, our experts are always available for a free consultation to give you professional guidance regarding your needs.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Support Scaffolding

We deploy highly-skilled scaffolders and modern equipment to provide our clients with support scaffolds (in single or hundreds of units) for accident-free workplaces. We don’t just leave our clients after we have installed thier scaffolds. We are always monitoring the situation on site after installing the scaffolds to provide the proper support to our clients. Ace Scaffolding will provide regualr inspections to ensure that all the scaffolding work platforms are safe to use before the employees go on them.

Temporary Roof Solutions

We offer a range of temporary roof solutions suitable for many different situations.that need scaffolding to secure the building whilst the repairs are being carried out. We have experience in providing various types of temporary roof components and structures for homeowners, trade firms, and construction companies. Whatever you need waterproof and weather coverage for, we can supply you with quality temporary roofs at affordable prices. Browse our gallery to see how we can create bespoke temporary roofing solutions for whatever you need, with a business model that allows us to be more cost-effective than our competitors.

Suspended Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding provides affordable suspended scaffolding services at your work site. We’ll design a one-of-a-kind scaffold solution to meet your workplace needs and deliver quality services with the safety of your workers in mind. Ace Scaffolding provides customised suspended scaffolds for industrial, commercial and residential structures and has been recognised as one of the leading scaffolding companies in Haywards Heath for over 6 years.

Why Choose Ace Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding is a reputable and experienced company, providing scaffold erection service to the retail, commercial, construction and manufacturing environments throughout Haywards Heath Some other reasons Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath promises you the best solutions include:


We’re a team of scaffolding experts with a combined industry experience of more than 10 years in the scaffolding business, with an excellent track record of dedication to service, commitment to learning and development, and integrity. We are a well-known and well-respected scaffolding erectors in the Haywards Heath region, and we enjoy numerous positive reviews from our customers. Our passion for delivering high-quality scaffolding services has made us a leading NASC-member in the area.

Excellent Scaffolding

Every year, we see serious accidents happen across the country with people who use poor quality scaffold materials. To prevent any chances that could happen, we help you choose the right anchors so that each of your projects is supported by well-designed, reliable anchors and anchorages. Besides, we ensure a safe erection and dismantle of your scaffold, using quality materials and hard-working, highly trained staff and also ensuring the scaffolds are not overloaded with tubes and fittings.

And we regularly carry out construction, inspection, and maintenance work for all types of scaffold structures. We’ll complete our tasks to the highest standards and deliver efficient scaffolding solutions on your projects.

Friendly Prices

At Ace scaffolding Haywards Heath, we offer scaffolding services at affordable prices compared to industry high rates, and we also ensure that every customer receives a quality service. Ace Scaffolding is your best partner to ensure your project is on time, on budget and completed with the excellence we are known for. It is our work philosophy and culture.

Your Job is In Safe Hands, Whether Big or Small

Ace Scaffolding provides affordable, safe and reliable scaffolding services to both commercial and domestic customers. We have a solid inventory of scaffolding materials which enables us to carry out even the most complicated of projects. We pride ourselves on offering a dedicated service that is tailored to your needs, whatever your job size or location requirements. Our scaffolding service caters to all business segments, including residential scaffolding, commercial scaffolding, industrial scaffolding, street-level scaffolding, and other scaffolding services.

CSCS-Licensed Scaffolding Professionals

At Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath, we invest in a full training programme so that our employees are regularly top of their field. Our scaffolding teams are trained to meet the highest industry quality, health and safety standards and all are CSCS and CISRS-qualified. These demonstrate that our professionals have the necessary certifications and qualifications in place to guarantee that we’re offering the best safety procedures, equipment, and workers.

Reliable, Customer-Focused Service

Our company is transparent and our staff are friendly. We do our best to ensure that your experience with us is positive. The satisfaction of customers is our priority through the scaffolding design, erection and hire process. We take pride in being a reliable scaffold contractor that is always happy to help customers remove danger on their project sites by providing safe access solutions and erecting scaffolding work platforms.


Our staff is well skilled in the installation and dismantling of scaffolds according to industry specifications and safety requirements laid by different government agencies. We use qualified workers for inspection and certification of scaffolds.

Safety Standards

Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath is a safe and reliable scaffolding company that has a strong reputation in the industry. We take safety precautions very seriously. We have all the necessary scaffolding tools, equipment and expertise to do an excellent job for all clients, no matter their requirements or the size of the projects. Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath also ensures the highest safety standards at all times and with minimum disruption to you, your staff or anyone else on site.

Health And Safety Assurance

We are committed to keeping workers safe and healthy while they work. Therefore, we always endeavour to deliver scaffolding solutions that are completely safe if used properly, and that also protect people against accidents, slips and falls. We have always made safety our first concern and will erect or dismantle your scaffolding to the highest industry standard when safety is paramount. Ace Scaffolding provides premium, high-quality scaffolds that meet safety standards. Whether you need scaffolds for large positions or small residential jobs, we’ll get the job done right.

Work Height

Our team of experts will ensure that your scaffolding erection and dismantling project is well-planned, supervised, and executed by highly skilled personnel with enough experience to do the job. With our scaffolding, we are able to work on different buildings of different heights and structures using suitable equipment for each task.

Public Liability

Our scaffolding equipment and materials are fully owned by us and maintained to high standards, and what’s more, we’re covered by a £XXXmillion Public Liability Insurance policy.

Friendly Rates

Ace Scaffolding provides the most cost-efficient scaffolding services available in the industry. You can schedule a free, no-obligation quote over the phone now. The free quote gives you a transparent breakdown of all costs involved before we come to you.

Competitive Hire Rates

Ace Scaffolding Haywards Heath provides a friendly and reliable scaffolding service where the customer always comes first. We provide scaffolding equipment to Haywards Heath homes, builders, developers and industrial clients at affordable rates. With our flexible hire rates and strong team, we are able to ensure that your scaffold requirements are completed quickly, professionally and safely. Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a no-obligation quote.

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Delivery Rates

We offer different delivery rates, based on the location and size of scaffolding you need. You can be guarnteed extremely friendly rates if you are vased in Haywards Heath as well be delivering from there. We provide site surveys and no-obligation scaffolding quotes, including delivery, to all serious customers. As we work, an assigned dedicated “Contract Manager” monitors and checks the scaffolding to ensure it is safe at all times. Each team of erectors has a leader who’ll ensure that work is completed on time and in accordance with industry standards. We specialise in scaffolding hire, but our capabilities go beyond that. We have a full-service approach with competent technicians and workers. Get in touch with us today for innovative scaffolding solutions on your project sites.

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See our gallery for a small selection of the scaffolds we have erected in the past. Contact us directly on 01444 712 495 at the earliest possible opportunity to get a quotation or to discuss your scaffolding requirements.


How does scaffold work?
Portable scaffolding is used to provide a safe and temporary working platform for workers when constructing, repairing or maintaining buildings and other structures. There is a European Standard for working scaffolds that sets out optimum performance requirements for safe use. These specifications are independent of the type of material from which the scaffold is made.
What is a hanging scaffold?
Hanging scaffolds are fixed systems with the platform being suspended on a wire rope (typically) from an overhead support or pole. The scaffold is supported by a number of wire ropes that are attached to the overhead structure at regular intervals.
What is a birdcage scaffolding?
A birdcage scaffold is typically associated with the type of scaffolding used for building maintenance and repair work. These scaffolds are employed to keep workers at a good height for access, while at the same time providing sturdy support.
What is crash-deck scaffolding?
A crash-deck scaffold is a temporary structure used to carry out repairs/renovations at ceiling heights. Crash-decks should not be used for any heavy lifting or loading and unloading.
What is the swing stage scaffolding?
A swing stage scaffold is a suspended platform that allows a person to work at different elevations. It is suspended by ropes fastened to stirrups at its ends and can be used for working on equipment such as air conditioners. For many reasons, the swing stage is the commonest type of suspended scaffolding used on construction projects.
What is a cantilever scaffold?
The cantilever scaffold is an external scaffolding used to support the work on the sides of a building above the ground. The cantilever style of scaffolding eliminates the need for poles or frames to be erected in front of a building. So, cantilever scaffolds are often erected near balconies for easy access.
How long will it take to couple together a scaffolding platform?
The precise time required depends on factors like the model of scaffold used and other related details, but usually, it is something from a couple of hours to two days.
Do you require a government license to erect scaffolds?
If a person wants to erect a scaffold in public places, they will need to get a license. If any part of the scaffold will extend up to the road or pavement outside your property, however, you must obtain a government license or permit from the local council officials.
How far can your scaffold platform extend out from the building?
Vertically: Every 20 ft. (6.1m) or less for scaffolding of fewer than 3 ft. (0.91m) in width; Every 26 ft. (7.9m) or less for scaffolding of more than 3 ft. (0.91m) in width. Horizontally: At each secured end; At intervals of not more than 30 ft. (9.1m) from just one end.
What’s the maximum safe amount of load a scaffold can carry?
To calculate this estimate, multiply 35 sq ft by 25 pounds/sq ft and it can be seen that the scaffold cannot carry over 875 pounds of materials. Thus, only 3 persons (each weighing 250 pounds) and another 125 pounds of tools or materials can be safely loaded onto the scaffold at the same time.
Will I be safe working on a scaffold?
A scaffold is very safe if it is put together by professionals like our experts. Professionally assembled scaffolds sit safely on any type of surface, be it an uneven ground, sloppy surface, or smooth ground. This is because there are adjustable vertical components that are part of such scaffolding systems, and they can be adjusted according to the height level you want to work from. Accessories are used for adjusting the length of scaffolding beams and posts. This is necessary to compensate for inconsistencies in ground levels.
Is the scaffolding necessary for roof works?
Scaffolding is sometimes required for roof works, most likely because there’s some work involved with the roof itself. From their robust design to their durability, scaffolds make it possible for workers to safely and efficiently complete jobs of all kinds. They also help to safeguard people working or working on the ground. The scaffold must be erected as near as possible to the foot of the building and, if there is any risk of tools or materials falling from the roof to the ground, it is essential that a scaffold with an edge fastened around the platform is erected.
What is the required height of a scaffold on a project?
In the general industry, the optimum height above the ground level should be 4 ft, while it can go as high as 6 ft in the construction industry. Also, fall protection on a scaffolding platform is required at 10 ft.
What is the ideal maximum height of a mobile scaffolding platform?
All freestanding scaffolding structures must have a minimum height to base length ratio of 3:1. A mobile scaffold platform must have a maximum height of 9m for general use.
What is the maximum gap allowed between scaffold planking?
The government require that the spaces between scaffold planks and uprights or between the scaffold planks must be s standard width of 1″ or less except the contractor can show that a wider space is necessary for general safety in situ. However, the platform must be fully decked or planked.
How safe is it to use a ladder in a scaffolding platform?
Using a ladder on a scaffold isn’t advisable. It’s a violation of government regulations. In general, it is a good idea to not place ladders on scaffolding. It carries greater risk than placing it on the ground as intended.
How long can a scaffold stay up?
A scaffold is built for strength and durability. When properly erected it can last for years.
How high can workers ascend with a scaffold?
Once the working height is greater than 3 times the smallest width of the scaffold tower, workers must tie the scaffolding platform to the building structure at specific intervals for safety. If the height exceeds 15 ft, you are required to fasten a 5-ft wide scaffold platform.
Can scaffold platforms be permanently erected?
A scaffold is a temporary or semi-permanent structure that provides support for workers and materials during construction. We offer expert advice on the installation and usage of scaffolding, so contact us if you need additional information. We can help you choose the best scaffolding hire service for your needs. Talk to our team now on 01444 712 495 to get your free quote.

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